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As Petrol price hike, CNG Cars could be game-changer in automobile 

As Petrol price hike, CNG Cars could be game-changer in automobile

New Delhi. Amid rising fuel prices, the mileage of a car has once again emerged as an important factor in deciding whether it should be taken as practical consideration for purchasing a car. For buyers in the automobile market’s large market, the rise in fuel prices may now be a major reason why the car purchase plan is postponed. In recent weeks, petrol prices have reached a new high with diesel rates. And while the best ways to drive a car are often seen as a way to save fuel, the cost of driving per kilometer in individual vehicles has become much more expensive than before. At such times, CNG has once again emerged as a viable fuel option for those looking for a comparatively more economical option.

Thus, the initial cost of a CNG vehicle is usually higher. Where a factory fitted CNG kit costs between Rs 50,000 and Rs 60,000, it costs around Rs 40,000 in authorized centers. CNG cylinders take up most of the boot space of a small car while closing the majority of the boot space of a sedan. Apart from this, the decline in performance is also another issue.

However, despite the reduction in boot space and the drop in performance, the deal is not bad but is highly profitable.

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A car sold at a rate of around Rs 43 per kg in the capital Delhi covers a distance of about 20 km. This is a little over Rs 2 per kilometer. In comparison, a liter of petrol in Delhi costs 90.58 rupees, and if a car is to travel 20 kilometers in a liter, then the cost of running it with petrol is still more than Rs 4 per kilometer.

Two cars – one on CNG and the other on petrol – will have a cost difference of about 50 km a day. There is a full possibility of recovery of the cost of installing CNG in a few years.

The issue of boot space is an attention-grabbing cause, but many have opted for roof rails to hold luggage. And with the new technology the difference in performance between CNG and petrol / diesel vehicles has become extremely minor, even though it still exists. Then there is also the fact that the CNG vehicle has a low emission level as it is a green fuel vehicle.

Companies like Maruti and Hyundai have gained a lot when it comes to offering factory fitted CNG kits. While the price of these kits may be higher than what is paid in the outside market, the benefits of warranty, enhanced security and hassle-free service experience are a big deal to get along.

As such, petrol and diesel prices are not showing signs of decline at all, CNG’s relevance as an automotive fuel may be greater than ever.


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