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Have you seen Studds latest launch new Ninja Elite Super D5 Decor 

Have you seen Studds latest launch new Ninja Elite Super D5 Decor

New Delhi. Studs Accessories Limited, the country’s largest helmet manufacturer, has launched a new flip-up full-face helmet in the popular Ninja Elite Super line-up. Launched in 10 different Decal variants, the latest helmet Ninja Elite Super D5 Decor Helmet (Ninja Elite Super D5 Decor) features both safety and style.

The studs have introduced the Ninja Elite Super D5 Decor helmet in five different sizes. It includes helmets ranging in size from XS (540mm) to XL (600mm). It is the latest product to come out after the launch of Ninja Super D4 in January 2021.

The Ninja Elite Super D5 Decor is a flip-up full-face helmet, also known as a modular design. This gives bike riders the dual benefit of an open-face helmet and full-face helmet, making it the perfect safety option for short-distance as well as long-distance travel.

Apart from the Ninja Elite Super D5 Decor, there are 4 other variants in the line-up of the Ninja Super Series. Their names are Ninja Elite Super D4, Ninja Elite Super D3, Ninja Elite Super D2 and Ninja Elite Super D1.

Keeping in mind the need for the right balance of features such as safety and comfort, the latest launch of STUDDS features a high-impact ABS shell for impact protection. Whereas for better shock-resistant it has hypoallergenic liner with regulated density EPS inside it which reduces the risk of allergy.

In addition this helmet comes with a click release visor and quick release strap mechanism, all focused to provide an excellent comfort and protection to the riders. Ninja Elite D5 Décor will be made available at all studs dealerships and exclusive brand outlets (EBOs) across the country. The company has priced this helmet at Rs 1595.


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