Bike Offer: A great bike is available at a price of just 23 thousand, you can get it home by paying Rs 399

Bike Offer: सिर्फ 23 हजार की कीमत पर मिल रही है शानदार बाइक, 399 रुपए देकर मंगवा सकते हैं घर

Bike Offer: Due to social distancing in the Corona period, people are reducing their commuting by public means. Especially for short distances people prefer to go by their own vehicle. Oil prices have also increased a lot in the last few years and now people are liking more mileage vehicles. In such a situation, if you are also planning to buy a bike with good mileage for yourself, then we have brought great offers for you. Under this offer, Hero Honda Splendor Plus bike is available for just 23 thousand. The price of this bike in the showroom is 60 thousand rupees.

This bike is available on CredR, a platform that buys and sells used bikes. This is a second hand bike which has covered 22,221 kms so far. It has a 97cc engine. Registered in Bangalore, this bike is also getting a discount of Rs 3000. Because of this, you will get this bike of 26000 rupees for 23000 rupees.

Bike will come home for just Rs 399

To buy Hero Honda Splendor Plus, you can find out more about it by entering your name, mobile number and pincode on CredR. At the same time, this bike will come to your home at a charge of only Rs 399. You can also buy this bike from the showroom. You can find out more by clicking on (

Important things to keep in mind while buying a used car

There are a few things to keep in mind while buying a used car. First of all decide what kind of bike you want. After that decide your budget. Take a look at the pictures of the used bikes and go through every detail. Carefully read information such as odometer readings and insurance. By asking for the registration number, check the owner’s name and challan information on the Vahan portal. Get complete details of documents. How long have they had the bike, how much has it gone and why they are selling it, definitely ask these questions. Before buying a bike, drive it for at least 5-10 kilometers. This will give you an accurate idea of ​​the bike’s performance, engine and braking and mileage. Also check the parts like headlight, indicators, horn, tire condition, brakes of the bike.

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