CNG Car Price Hike: Maruti increased the price of CNG cars, know which models were affected

CNG Car Price Hike: मारुति ने बढ़ाई सीएनजी कारों की कीमत, जानिए कौन से मॉडल पर पड़ा असर

New Delhi CNG Car Price Hike. As the prices of petrol and diesel are touching the sky in the country, so are the cars running on petrol and diesel and showing interest in CNG. Looking at the trends of the automobile sector of the last few days, it is known that the demand for cars running on CNG fuel has increased as well as the sales of petrol and diesel engines are also increasing in the resale car market. In such a situation, in view of the increasing demand for CNG cars, car companies have increased the prices of CNG cars due to lack of supply. The country’s renowned carmaker Maruti has also decided to increase the prices of all its CNG cars.

Maruti hikes car prices for the third time in a year

Maruti Suzuki has increased the prices of its cars for the third time in this entire year. The company has increased the prices of all CNG models including Swift by up to Rs 15,000. According to the information received, the Maruti company has not yet disclosed how much price of which variant has increased.

Increased prices from 12th July

It has been told by the company that the increased prices of all CNG cars of Maruti will be applicable from July 12, 2021. The company had first increased the prices of its cars in January, followed by a hike in April. After this, now Maruti has increased the prices of Swift and CNG models only. It is believed that the company will soon increase the prices of its other cars. In such a situation, if you are thinking of buying a car, then this month you can also get a good discount. The company is also offering discounts of up to Rs 54,000 on other models including Swift.

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