Gifts to Maruti Suzuki customers, free services will be available till July 31, these customers will benefit

Maruti Suzuki के ग्राहकों को तोहफा, 31 जुलाई तक मिलेंगी फ्री सेवाएं, इन ग्राहकों को होगा फायदा

Maruti Suzuki: Maruti Suzuki, one of the country’s largest automobile companies, has extended its free services till July 31. This free service is available only on those vehicles whose warranty expired between March 15 and June 30 this year. There will be no charge for servicing these vehicles till July 31. Partho Banerjee, senior executive director of the company’s service department, has given this information. He said that due to the lockdown, customers are not able to take their vehicles for servicing. Therefore, for their convenience, the deadline for free services has been extended to July 31.

Partho Banerjee said, “We have decided to extend our free services till 31st July. This is being done for the convenience of our customers. Because they are facing problems in commuting due to the lockdown in the Corona period. Now the customers are at their convenience. You can avail these services accordingly, as the lockdown is gradually opening. Our service centers are taking full care of all the safety standards. The company has also provided pick and drop facility for the customers who cannot come to the service center. We urge customers to make use of these features to maintain their vehicle better.”

Suzuki records record sales in the month of June

The sales of automobile company Suzuki are skyrocketing. Compared to last year, the company has sold more cars this year. According to the company, 147,367 vehicles have been sold in the month of June this year, compared to 57,428 vehicles sold at the same time last year. At the same time, 46,555 vehicles of Suzuki were sold in May 2021. There was a decrease in vehicle sales due to the second wave of Corona, but there has been a big jump in June after the lockdown opened. If compared with the previous years, there has been a steady increase in the sales of Suzuki vehicles.

353,614 vehicles sold in the first quarter of the year

Maruti Suzuki said that a total of 126,196 domestic vehicles were sold last month. On the other hand, 4,152 units have been purchased by other companies, while 17,020 units have been exported to other countries. The company has sold 353,614 vehicles in the first quarter of the year 2021-22. Of this, 297,118 vehicles have been exported domestically, 10,977 vehicles to other companies and 45,519 vehicles to other countries. The company has also said that there was a lockdown in the last two years due to Corona. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to compare the sales of these years with the rest of the years.

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