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How To Start Scrap Business in Low Investment?

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How To Start Scrap Business in india in Low Investment

In today’s time, the business of recycling is such a business from which any person can earn good profits in a very short time. We are well aware of the fact that today the waste generated by many mediums is also growing at a very fast pace. We all know how much nature is being contaminated by this increasing waste, but very few people know that many of these wastes can be recycled to start a lucrative business and earn a profit. With this, increasing waste in nature can also be reduced.

How To Start a Recycling Business?

To start any recycling business, it is important to have the best knowledge of selling recycled products first and most importantly when and how you get the goods for recycling. Apart from this, you can start a recycling business from home, but for that, you have to take care of many things, which we will tell in our article.

Knowing about the recycling business can be a means of earning money in an eco-friendly way. Under the recycling business, people think that soda cans, bottles, and old paper have to be collected. Rather, the most profitable recycling businesses focus on other goods and materials. For example, removing work items from computers, cell phones, and other household items.

For this, you should know the recycling process of the product, the product you want to recycle. Besides, it is also an environment-friendly operation. Most of the recycling business is considered as small scale manufacturing.

Create a Business Plan and Business Structure

In this type of business, you have to first keep in mind, which material you are thinking about recycling, then build the structure of the business accordingly. For example, if you are going to generate fuel from waste and then buy equipment for the company accordingly and build the structure.

Create a Business Plan and Business Structure

1. Decide The Business Name

You will also have to decide the name of your recycling company, with the help of which the registration of the company will be done easily. At the same time, if your work gets better, then you can also become famous as a brand.

2. Define Strengths Structure

It is important for every company that the structure of the company has already been defined. In which you should be sure how your firm will work, how time and workers will work, and what they will do.

3. Budget and Location Selection

Before starting any type of recycling business, see how much your budget is because there are many recycling businesses that ask for a lot of investment. Therefore, choose the business of recycling according to your budget.

The second biggest point is the choice of place, which is very important to choose carefully. In particular, the factories related to the recycling trade are opened where the resources for transportation are easily obtained.

4. License Requirement for Recycling Business

To run the recycling business, registration has to be done due to all the rules related to the government, business registration will be done from the city where you are starting the business. Apart from this, the rules related to hazardous waste (Management, Handling, and Trans Boundary Movement) of the government should be examined, which have been fixed by the Central Pollution Control Board.

It is also necessary to get a license from the prescribed legal authority to run the business smoothly, for which you have to take into account some more rules, such as the Environmental Protection Act (EPA), e-waste (Permanent Management and Handling) Rules and Municipal Solid Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, etc.

Recycling Business Profit Margin in India

The benefit of the recycling business depends on the market value of the product being recycled. On the other hand, if you talk about such recycling businesses, in which metals are recycled, then you can make a profit of up to 50 per cent. But it is possible to earn up to 100 per cent profit in gold cases.

Looking at the figures, according to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries in Corporation, the United States alone exported 4 lakh 80 thousand crores of scrap metal to China.

A consignment centre that recycles household items or second-hand stores can easily save 20 to 50 per cent of profit with funds. Sometimes up to 100 per cent of the profits are received from this business. When you get an item for free.

After recycling old newspapers, you can get a profit of Rs 3246 per ton. Whereas, there can be a profit of Rs 4869 per ton in getting the cardboard through recycling. There can be a huge earning of about 1 lakh rupees per ton in office paper, just this paper recycling business needs more space.

Recycling Business Costs

The start-up costs around 1 lakh 30 thousand, although no one will deny the fact that the cost can also increase according to business. Along with this, your cost will also depend on what kind of product you are recycling. Apart from this, you will have to spend some money on registration, license and other documents of your firm.


Not only in India, but the trade of recycling is also increasing rapidly in all countries because it will be possible for the human race to survive in the future. If we talk about business, nowadays many companies are earning billions of rupees. Investment from the top is also very less. If you want, adopt this business because, in this nature, you and the people benefit all three. Apart from this, the recycling business is growing well all over the world, so it is safe to invest in this business.

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