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If you are 40 years old, then keep in mind that, leave these things aside 

If you are 40 years old, then keep in mind that, leave these things aside

If you are 40 years old, then keep in mind that, leave these things aside

If you have passed the age of 40 years, then change your diet from today itself, because some thing can harm your body. Because after this age your health starts to decline. So now you have to get into the habit of eating nutritious and digestible food.

Let us tell you that after the age of 40, the health of men starts declining. Some have fatigue, some obesity, some hair fall, some blood pressure, some sugar, and some suffer eye and bone weakness. In such a situation, if you make distance from some things in your diet. Then definitely your health will not make any difference.

Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil is prepared by going through many types of processes. What we get after this. It is a bad form of fat. Which is quite harmful. In such a situation, soybeans, corn, and palm oil can be dangerous for you. Peanut oil, olive oil and homemade ghee and butter can be consumed. But that too will have to be done in prescribed quantity.

Make fresh dressing at home

Salad dressing remains in the salad you are eating, which is harmful for you. Rich in trans-fat, sugar, artificial colors and flavorings, it is harmful to your heart and hormones. So make and use fresh dressing at home with olive oil, lemon juice, black salt and honey.

White Pasta and Bread

White bread and pasta are made from refined grains. From which all its fiber and nutrients are removed and they become high glycemic. If you eat it regularly. So your blood pressure rises and falls so fast. Therefore, do not use white bread and pasta at all.

Artificial Protein-

Many types of proteins are sold in the market. It is said that it is beneficial for health. But they are rich in fat, artificial sweeteners, hydrogen oils and flavorings which can be bad for liver and heart.

Do not take cocktail drinks-

By the way, you must have enjoyed the cocktail drink very much in your youth. But now consuming it can be dangerous for your life. Because after 40 years of age it is not good for your body. Cocktails allow you to consume extra sugar, food coloring and artificial flavorings. They also consume more alcohol. But now don’t use it or equal it.

Artificial sweetener

Many people use artificial sweetener to avoid sugar. But it is much more dangerous than sugar. Sucralose and stevia can cause weight gain and many lifestyle-related diseases. It also increases sugar cravings. You can replace them with brown sugar and raw honey.

Do not take soft drinks-

You all know that cold drinks are harmful to health. According to a research by Cancer Counseling Victoria and the University of Melbourne, high intake of a drink containing sugar may increase the risk of cancer. It also causes obesity. Thus if you have crossed the age of 40 years. So do not consume all these things equally. So that your body also remains fit.


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