14 students in India made electric cycle by spending pocket money, will run 1 kilometer for 20 paise!

भारत में 14 छात्रों ने पॉकेट मनी खर्च कर बनाई इलेक्ट्रिक साइकिल, 20 पैसे में चलेगी 1 किलोमीटर!

It is not difficult to reach the destination if the spirit is high, 14 students of western Rajasthan have shown this proverb to be true. These 14 students, studying in the Polytechnic College located in the border area of ​​Barmer, have converted a common cycle into an electric cycle. Lack of resources also did not stop them from achieving such a great achievement. Surprisingly, all these students had also added the money invested in this project themselves. All these are children studying in the electrical branch of the polytechnic.

According to the report of News 18, the students of Barmer’s Polytechnical College have accomplished this feat in just one month of research. A BLDC motor has been installed to convert the common conventional bicycle to electric, which, according to the report, was designed after 12 days of learning. Apart from this, a lead acid battery has been used in it. This cycle can cover a distance of 20 to 30 kilometers on a single charge. It takes seven hours to fully charge the battery pack and depending on the power and range, it is costing 20 to 30 paise per kilometer to run it.

A total of 14 students including Jetharam, Qasim Ali, Ishwar Singh, Dashrath Singh are among those who made this feat come true, who have taken out the expenditure on this project from their pocket money. According to the report, Amrit Jangid, a professor of this polytechnic college, says that after the final year, students are asked to make various projects to become self-reliant. Under this, a group of these 14 children has made this project.

According to Jangid, the prices of petrol and diesel are increasing rapidly across the country, so such ideas can go a long way in making the country resourceful in the coming days. However, for this to be true, these children must find some form of encouragement.<!–


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