Elon Musk threatened to influence cryptocurrency market, hacker released video

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Within days of posting, an international hacking group ‘Anonymus’ has posted a threatening video targeting the world’s second richest man and cryptocurrency lover Elon Musk. Has been viewed more than 20 million times. In the video, the group told Elon Musk that (translated) “You’re thinking you’re the smartest person in the world, but now you’ve met your match. We’re Anonymous, we’re Legion.” The group’s Internet-based team said the group is planning to target the CEOs of Tesla and SpaceX because of Musk’s frequent tweets influencing the cryptocurrency market.

Soon after the video was released, people on the Internet, and especially on Twitter, began to ponder whether the message (see video) to Musk was actually from the notorious group.

One of Anonymous’s main accounts, @YourAnonNews, denied releasing the video and instead directed users to another Anonymous account, @BscAnon, with nearly 15,000 followers.

@YourAnonNews wrote (translated) “While we say all the best to our many new #Crypto and #Bitcoin followers for our ongoing feud with @ElonMusk, we think this is the account you’re looking for. @BscAnon (which is not @YourAnonNews)”

However @BscAnon also refused to release the video.

But a third anonymous account, known as @YourAnonCentral, tweeted a YouTube link to the video message. This Twitter account has 57 lakh followers. In this video message, Anonymous appears to be furious with Musk for dominating the cryptocurrency market.

Anonymous said in the video (translated) “Reading the comments on your Twitter post, it looks like the games you’ve played with the crypto market have [कई] Destroyed lives.” The group further added “Millions of retail investors were actually relying on their crypto to improve their lives. It’s something you’ll never understand, because you were born with stolen property from the apartheid South African emerald mine and [आपको] Don’t know what the struggle is like for most working people around the world.

While no anonymous handle has claimed responsibility for the threat except @YourAnonCentral, which shared the message on its Twitter account, many still believe that no hacker group is involved, or will not be involved. .<!–



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