Gold Silver Price: Gold became cheaper by Rs 8500, silver also fell by Rs 700 in two days

Gold Silver Price: सोना 8500 रुपए हुआ सस्ता, चांदी भी दो दिन में 700 रुपए लुढ़की

Gold Silver Price 9 July: Gold and silver prices saw a fall on Friday. Silver prices have been declining for the last two days, while gold futures today started with a bullish trend, but later declined. In MCX Gold, there was a lot of volatility in the August futures of gold on Thursday. Gold futures reached Rs 48290 per 10 grams in intraday, but finally closed at Rs 47910. Today gold futures opened on a slight increase but then it has seen a slowdown. However, this week gold futures have become costlier by about Rs 350.

How have gold prices been this week?

On the first day of this week, the price of gold August futures 10 grams was Rs 47299. After this, gold reached the maximum price of Rs 47910 per 10 grams on Wednesday. Today gold prices are at Rs 47700 per 10 grams. Day trading is still going on. On the other hand, talking about the last week, initially the price of gold was 47008 per 10 grams, which reached its highest level on the last day of the week. On this day gold was trading at Rs 47285 per 10 grams.

Gold is cheaper by about Rs 8500 from its highest level

Due to the Corona epidemic, people invested heavily in gold last year. In August 2020, the price of 10 grams of gold on MCX was at the highest level of Rs 56191. Today gold August futures are at Rs 47700 per 10 grams on MCX, that is, still gold is getting cheaper by about Rs 8500.

Silver falls for the second consecutive day

Silver closed with a big fall on Thursday. Silver September futures closed with a weakness of Rs 400 and today also saw a fall of Rs 300. Although today’s trading is going on, but silver prices are continuously decreasing. Silver futures have become cheaper by Rs 700 per kg in two days.

Silver prices this week

The price of silver September futures was Rs 70039 per kg at the beginning of the week, which continued to decrease. On the last trading day of the week, the price of one kg of silver was Rs 68680, which is the weakest price of this week. Although today’s trading is still going on, but silver has reached its lowest level. Whereas last week the price of silver futures started at 68141 per kg. On Thursday, silver reached its highest level and traded at 69402 per kg. After this, the price of silver had gone up to 69111 per kg on the last day of the week.

Silver is cheaper by Rs 11300 from its highest level

The all-time high of silver is Rs 79,980 per kg. Accordingly, silver is trading at a lower price of about Rs 11,300 from its highest level. Today silver July futures are trading at Rs 68680 per kg. However, business is still going on today.

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