Hackers returned almost all coins to Poly Network in cryptocurrency theft, saying it was stolen ‘for fun’!

पेगासस स्पाइवेयर के निशाने पर थी 2019 में कर्नाटक की जेडीएस-कांग्रेस सरकार!

The hackers have now returned almost all of the $610 million (approximately Rs 4,530 crore) in the biggest digital coin theft ever. Poly Network said on Thursday that the hackers had returned almost all of the more than $610 million stolen. Earlier this week the cryptocurrency firm was attacked by hackers.

Poly Network, little known before Tuesday’s robbery, declared the hacker as a “white hat” on Twitter, referring to ethical hackers who usually aim to uncover cyber vulnerabilities upon withdrawal of funds. aim for.
Poly Network, which facilitates peer-to-peer token transactions, said the tokens were transferred to a multi-signature wallet controlled by both the platform and the hacker.

Poly Network said that the only remaining cryptocurrency tokens that are yet to be refunded are worth $33 million (approximately Rs 245 crore).
“The repayment process is not yet complete. To ensure the secure recovery of user assets, we look forward to maintaining communication with Mr. White Hat and providing accurate information to the public,” Poly Networks said on Twitter.

According to digital messages shared on Twitter by Tom Robinson, co-founder and chief scientist of crypto tracking firm Elliptic, a man claiming to have hacked said Polly Network gave him $500,000 to return the stolen assets. (about Rs 3.7 crore) and promised that he would not be held accountable for this incident.

On Wednesday, hackers began returning stolen coins, leading some blockchain analysts to speculate that they may find it very difficult to launder stolen cryptocurrencies on such a scale.

Later on Wednesday, the hackers said in digital messages shared by Elliptic that they carried out the attack “for fun” and wanted to “expose a cyber vulnerabilities” before others could take advantage of it, and that it was “starting with the attack”. From now on there was a plan to return the token.

Crypto experts said the theft mostly reflects the risks of the unregulated DeFi sector. The DeFi platform allows users to transact typically in cryptocurrencies, without traditional gatekeepers such as banks or exchanges.




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