This London company earned around Rs 8,000 crore from Bitcoin in 5 months

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London-based asset management firm Ruffer has made a profit of $1.1 billion (about Rs 8,000 crore) in just five months from its investment in bitcoin. The company had invested around $600 million (approximately Rs 4,369 crore) in November 2020, when bitcoin was worth around $20,000 (Rs 14.5 lakh). By December 2020 and early January 2021, the price of bitcoin had almost doubled and the company took advantage of this. A few months later, in April, when bitcoin hit record highs and exceeded $60,000 (about Rs 43.6 lakh), the company sold its coins.

Ruffer says the company decided to sell its bitcoin investments because with the lifting of lockdown restrictions, they didn’t expect young people to spend so much time trading.

An investment director at Ruffer told The Sunday Times that the company made little profits for its clients in December and early January, when the price had doubled. After this, the company continuously monitored the condition of bitcoin and when the company sold its bitcoins in April, it made a profit of $ 1.1 billion (about Rs 8,000 crore).

Ruffer was the first fund manager to invest in bitcoin. Even though the investment was for a short time frame, Bailey says the company may continue to invest in cryptocurrencies in the future. He also predicted that the company would continue to believe in bitcoin and would choose it as an alternative asset for its portfolio.

Over the past few weeks, the price of Dogecoin and some other cryptocurrencies have been volatile in India along with the price of bitcoin. The market has seen a decline, especially after China banned financial institutions and payment companies from providing services related to cryptocurrency transactions.<!–



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