WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update: What will happen to the users who do not accept the privacy policy of WhatsApp, know what the company told the government

WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update: व्हाट्सऐप की प्राइवेसी पॉलिसी नहीं मानने वाले यूजर्स का क्या होगा, जानिए कंपनी ने सरकार से क्या कहा

WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update: The issue of privacy policy of WhatsApp is once again hot. Reason- The date of accepting this privacy policy for WhatsApp users is getting closer. Most users are also getting the message to accept the policy while using WhatsApp. However, the latest news is going to please WhatsApp users. According to the information, WhatsApp has told the government that users who do not accept the privacy policy of WhatsApp will not be reduced in any way. Let me tell you, some media reports had said that for the users who will not accept the WhatsApp Privacy Policy, some other options including calling will end.

The government had asked for the answer, know what is important in the company’s email

In the case of WhatsApp Privacy Policy, the central government had instructed to withdraw the new privacy policy, after which the company spokesperson has now written to the government that the privacy of the users will remain its top priority. The company will not limit the facilities offered on its platform in the coming weeks.

Preparation for action on unbridled Internet media

Meanwhile, according to another important information, the arbitrary stance of foreign internet media companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram has directly become a challenge to the country’s law and government’s directives. These platforms have begun to consider themselves sovereign in a way. It has started proving once again. These foreign companies, which are making big money from India, have also refused to make normal arrangements like deployment of Greaves Officer, Compliance Officer, Nodal Officer in India, grievance redressal within 15 days, monitoring of objectionable posts. The government had on 25 February 2021 directed to follow it within three months but the companies are adamant on their old stand. In such a situation, there is a possibility that the government should also end its facilities as an intermediary (intermediary) by showing strict attitude. If this happens, the company will be held responsible for any post on the platform. A section within the government believes that it is extremely important to curb their autocracy.

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