IDFC This bank has launched free ration scheme for COVID affected, low income families

THIS bank is launches free ration scheme for COVID affected, low income families

IDFC First Bank launched a new ‘Gharghar Ration’ scheme amid the coronavirus pandemic. The bank will provide daily ration to its low income customers who are unable to earn a living due to the ongoing pandemic.

The initiative to provide free ration is financed by the employees of the bank itself. IDFC First Bank has also started several other initiatives for its employees. Talking more about the scheme, the ‘Gharghar Ration’ program receives donations from the employees of IDFC Bank out of their personal income.

V Vaidyanathan, MD & CEO, IDFC First Bank said, “While we cannot solve all problems given the magnitude of the crisis, we want to support our customers to that extent, and hence our ‘Gharghar Ration’ programme. ” The workers themselves came forward to set up a fund to care for the 50,000 low-income customers affected by the outbreak of the pandemic. In addition, IDFC Bank employees have donated their one month’s salary to the Customer COVID Care Fund to provide financial assistance to thousands of customers unable to meet their daily needs. The ration kits provided under this program include 10 kg rice/flour, 2 kg pulses, 1 kg sugar and salt, 1 kg cooking oil, 5 packets of mixed spices, tea and biscuits along with other daily essentials.

Ration kits are delivered to the doorsteps of the customers. The deliveries are done by bank employees in rural areas while prepaid cards worth Rs 1800 are being provided to low-income customers in urban cities. Also, customers can use this card to buy groceries. Direct call facility is available for those who need a nearby branch to avail the scheme.

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