So will FB, Twitter and Instagram shut down in India? Government adopted tough stance

… So will FB, Twitter and Instagram shut down in India?  Government adopted tough stance

Crores of users of India use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram everyday and cannot even think about its closure. However, these platforms were given new guidelines by the government and the deadline to implement them Today it is over on 25 May 2021. If the platforms do not accept the necessary rules, then they can be closed and the government has taken a tough stand regarding this. On 25 February this year, the government brought new rules.

The Government of India brought several rules for social media platforms and OTT platforms on February 25, 2021. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeITY) has implemented the draft Information Technology (Intermediate Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021. The platforms were given three months time. Today is ending three months and big platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have not followed them yet.

Rules for social media platforms

The government had asked social media companies to devise a mechanism to deal with the grievances of the users and fixed three terms related to it. The Chief Compliance Officer will ensure that all the Acts and Rules are followed. 24 × 7 will have to be connected to law related agencies. At the same time, the Resident Grievance Officer will work on the functions of the company’s Grevient Redressal Mechanism. Platforms have not yet built this network.

Remove content platforms in 24 hours

New rules were introduced for platforms with more than 50 lakh users and with them the government wants to fix the accountability of social media companies. The government has asked social media companies to prepare a compliance report every month. Any kind of objectionable content related to nudity, sexual acts or fake accounts should be removed within 24 hours and action should be taken in due time.

Government can take legal action

Sources associated with the IT ministry said, “If any kind of illegal content is shared on social media platforms and because of any wrongdoing, then criminal action can be taken against them.” Right now due to section 79 Legal action cannot be taken against social media companies due to the content posted on the platform. The government is upset that the new guidelines have not been taken seriously by the platforms.

Platforms asked for six months’ time

The social media companies had sought six months’ time from the government to implement the new rules introduced on 25 February and create a new mechanism. However, the government refused, stating that the new guidelines should be implemented soon. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram say that they are awaiting approval from Headquarters in the US, which the government is angry about and can ban the services.

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