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How to start a business? What should be the strategy before starting a business


Friends, when we start thinking about starting a business, the first question that comes to our mind is, what strategy should we adopt if we start a business? How much to invest in the business? How to do planning? How to do marketing? Or whether the business we are going to do will be right for us or not etc. Many such questions do not allow us to start our business and then we remain where we were at the beginning.

So before starting any business you should set your goal. You should make complete planning, only then you can succeed in business. Often people want to earn more money in a short time after starting a business, but to earn more money you must have money to invest, patience, patience, marketing should be done.

If you want to start which business? What should be our planning, how do we have to achieve our goal, so before reading this post, the question that was in your mind, how to do business? You will find the answer in this article and you will be able to achieve that success.

Let us know step by step process to start any business

Make your interest your business

Before starting any business, you should see that in which field you are interested. Which business are you interested in because business cannot be forced? Unless you are not interested in a business, you cannot get success in that business, so make your passion your business.

You have to choose a business in which you are perfect. You feel that you can do this, which makes you happy and you do not know how many hours you have been working. Now, whether the time is morning, evening or night. Meaning that you get completely lost in that work. The business that you can devote your time, money and attention to, that business can be the best for you.

You have to find what is going on around you, what are the problems people have to face and what is the solution? Maybe that skill is in you and your idea can work. When you come to know about your business, which business you have to start, then you have to follow the next steps.

Do research

After selecting a business, you will have to do research in that field. In which you should also know about the answers to some questions like how your business is getting a response from the market. What are your targeted customers? Is the demand in the market of your product too high? The product you are putting in the market is there any other company which is already in the market, what is the competition level of that product in the market.

You will be able to know the answers to all these questions by doing market research.

Create a Business Plan

The most important point to start any business is the business plan. When you do market research, then you will need to make a business plan. Starting any business without a business plan can prove to be dangerous for you. While making a business plan, you have to keep in mind that if you need an investor for your business, if you need, then you have to make a detailed business plan like-

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Description
  • Products And Services
  • Market Analysis
  • Management Summary
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Analysis

All these plans will be studied by the investor and then you will get financial support.

If you do not need an investor and you want to do business alone, then you should note down the entire business plan in a notebook and keep improving it from time to time.

Calculating business expenses

When you have prepared a business plan, after that you note down all the expenses incurred in business on a paper. Do a complete calculation on how much is going to be spent on what you will be able to know about your expenses, which is very important.

Calculate the expenses on licenses and permits, legal fees, insurance, equipment, branding and market research, if you keep all these things by calculating, then you will get a lot of relief at the time of auditing.

Location selection

It is very important to have a good location to start a business. Different locations are right for every business, so the choice of location for the business matters a lot. For example, suppose the business you want to start, whether the product is in demand in that market or if there is demand, then you can start earning money from day one.

If the demand for that product is low at that location or some other company is selling the same product, then in that case you may take a lot of time. The location of the business should be such a place where there are means of transport, water, electricity and roads.

Designing a Business Structure

Before starting any business, prepare the structure of the business. As you decide whether you want to start the business alone or you want to partner with someone in the business or you want to give it the form of a corporation. This is very important because it will be very beneficial to prepare a business structure to pay tax.

Registering Business Name

Just as people know you by your name, similarly your business should also have a name, which people should know, recognize. So you have to choose a name that can increase the value of your brand. Which is unique and can also attract the attention of people. After this, do not forget to register your business name at all.

License and permit

After registering the business name, you will have to get licenses and permits, for this you will have to find out what licenses and permits will have to be made to start the business that you are going to start. Start the business only after taking all the necessary licenses and permits.

Setting up Accounting System

It is very important for any business to have strong accounting system, only then you will be able to prepare the right budget for the business. For this, you can manage the accounting system yourself or you can hire an accountant. By doing this, you will know how much you spent and how much profit was made.

Getting the team ready for business

Whether the business is small or big, you have to have a team. The only difference is that if your business is small then you will have to keep less people and if your business is big then you will need more people. But for business, it is the choice of people in the team who are hardworking and loyal.

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Promote business

After starting the business, it is very important to promote the business so that your customers can know about your company and the products you make and what services you provide. Only by promoting the business, your business will get a new identity.

To promote your business you can resort to various social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. You can advertise in the paper and TV, or you can write an article on a blog website on which there is good traffic, about your product. You can promote it by placing place-place banners and posters, which will create a distinct identity of your business.

Keep faith in yourself

The way I have told you step by step, in that way you will build your business, but you will also know that there are fluctuations in the business and in this ups and downs you may suffer loss and you lose patience so you have to keep your confidence up.

You cannot become a successful businessman until the ups and downs in the business, because in the ups and downs you get to learn a lot, never lose your patience in the ups and downs of the business and your passion for your business. And never let the interest be reduced.


After reading so much, you must have definitely known that how to start a busines? And what strategies should be adopted to make the business successful? If you have come to know “how to do your own business” and you are planning to start any business, then you will definitely follow all these steps.

Friends, how was this information given by me, please tell us by commenting and if you want to start a business, then write the name of that business in the comment box and tell us all the information related to that business will try to thank you.

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How to open a hardware store? | Profit & Investment in Hardware Business


Whenever we think of doing hardware business, the first question that comes to our mind is what items we will keep in our hardware shop. If we also get to know the hardware stuff, then we do not know where to get it from. All the hardware stores in which they are kept are used in any work. After marketing it, at what rate should we sell it to get a good return.

You will get answers to all these questions in this article. Friends, if you are planning to open a hardware store, then your thinking is very good, because there are many such items that we use in our daily life. You can sell many things in hardware stores, from nut-bolt to paint, nail, shovel, hammer, kitchen material, plastic items, building materials, pvc pipes etc.

Come, friends, know how you can start a hardware business.

How to start Hardware Business

Anyone can open a hardware shop, but you should have a good knowledge about whatever goods you keep in your hardware shop. Although you do not need any special qualification to start this business, yet before starting this business you need to learn to stay in another hardware shop for 1 year or 6 months.

If you cannot do this, then you can hire a skilled person as an employee. If a hardware shop is opened by planning in this way, then good earnings can be made.

Make Hardware Business Plan

To start a hardware business you will first need to create a business plan. Make a list of different types of expenses in that plan. Make a list of how much capital you want to invest for this business, which hardware you have to keep in your shop for sale, so that you do not have any problem while buying goods.

Also, you have to decide who your target customers will be. In the area where you are looking to open a shop, there are not many shops like this open there or you will hire someone, does he have any knowledge about hardware stuff or not. Make a business plan of all these things, this business plan will help you a lot.

Where to get goods for the hardware store

Before opening a hardware shop, decide where to get the goods from. For this you can get the contact number of the hardware wholesaler from the hardware shop in your nearest city. You will find many shopkeepers who will be shipping goods from different supplier, you have to note the number of each supplier and ask for quotation from all supplier. After this you have to do a comparative analysis of all the goods.

After this, purchase the same from the supplier who is suitable to you and provide the goods at cheap prices. Apart from this, there is another way, you will find suppliers of many hardware listed on indiamart and just dial, by talking to whom you can also ask for the goods.

Hardware Shop Item List

There are many customers who will need different hardware products of different sizes. Keep all these products properly so that the customer does not have to search for the product for a long time. Since a lot of hardware comes in the hardware, the unskilled person may have some problems.
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Friends, I am telling you some names of the hardware shop material list, which you can keep in your store-

  • Building construction materials
  • Plumbing material
  • Toilet Building Materials
  • farm equipment
  • Nuts, bolts and nails
  • paint
  • Lock key
  • plastic items such as buckets, mugs, brooms, wipers etc.
  • Small tools used in household works
  • Water tank
  • Pipe
  • Carpenter’s Tools
  • chain, rope, wire
  • Electrical fitting accessories

There are many items that you will need to keep in your store so that no customer is able to return.

The process to open hardware shop or steps to start hardware store

To open a hardware shop, you will have to go through many processes, then you will be able to become a successful businessman. Next we will talk step by step about what is the process of opening a hardware store.

Location for hardware business

By the way, if you put a hardware shop at any place, it will definitely work, but the most important thing is that how much you are investing, you will have to choose the location according to the investment.

In any type of business you want to do, the importance of location matters a lot. If you want to keep something big in your store like pipe, ply, tank then it will require more space. Second thing is to keep in mind that the place where the stores are going to open, there should be proper facility to bring and carry the goods.

There should be a system of water and electricity. Hardware store should be opened where there is more population because opening of a hardware shop at that place will also lead to higher sales.

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Hardware shop interior design

To open a hardware shop, you will first have to make counters. Different types of racks will have to be constructed to hold different types of items such as small racks for holding nut bolts and upright racks for holding pipes.

Hardware store name

When you open a hardware shop, then for the information of the people, you will have to keep a good name of your shop as well, so that people will know it by this name.

Since you are selling hardware items, you will have to name something so that people understand by name that the hardware goods are available at this shop.

When you decide the name of the shop that you want to keep this name, then you will also have to put a board in front of your shop, in which the name of the shop, the name of some materials, the address and the mobile number of the shopkeeper must be written.

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License and Permit

Friends, each state has its own different rules and there is no need to take any special license to start this business. But before starting the business, you should go to the local authority and municipal office and find out about the license and permit. Also you will need to get the industry base registration and GST number.

Hardware Shop Insurance

Before opening a hardware shop, get your shop insured by a good company. If there is any damage to your shop by getting insurance, then the insurance company will give a claim. Yes, before getting insurance, make sure to contact two-four companies and compare all the companies among themselves to insure which company is giving more claims with trust.

Hardware Business Profit

Friends, there are many such items in the hardware that you will be forced to keep because the more products you have, the more customers will come to you. Now it depends on you how much you want to invest, if you open a normal shop, then you will have to invest 3 to 4 lakhs in it.

If you open this at the middle level, then you will have to spend 8 to 10 lakhs and if you open a hardware shop on a large scale then you will need 15 to 20 lakhs because the more variety you keep in your shop, the more. Will be earning.

In the beginning of this business you will also have to make other expenses such as employee’s salary, electricity expenses, if you do not have your own land, then you have to add all these expenses also, then only you can be successful in this business.

If you talk about this business profit, then there is no data because in any product you get double the profit; Overall, there is a lot of profit in this business, it depends on how much you sell in a day. .

How to do marketing?

After starting a business, the most important thing is marketing, because if you do not know how to do marketing, then you cannot earn more money, so you can grow your business by adopting different types of marketing strategies. Put banner-posters in place.

You can give your visiting card to the customer. Work on a low margin in the beginning. Treat the customer like a brother.

Also, if you want to increase your sales more, then you have to create your account to sell the product on amazon and flipkart and also sell the product online.

Information required to run a hardware store

There are many successful businessmen in India who got all the important information before starting their business, I am giving you some such information through this article so that you can get to know about the way to do business and more and more. More customers come to your store.

  • Make a note of the daily expenses or financial expenses incurred in your computer or register, as well as prepare an account of the income from the sold product, so that you will get to know about the profits in your business.
  • Save all the products sold in your shop stock wise in the computer, it will know which items of stock are left and how much has ended and which products have sold more.
  • There are many products in the hardware that are not written on MRP, so many shoppers charge arbitrary prices. You do not have to do this, because by doing this, if the customer finds out that the price of this product is so much, then it will come back to your shop. Will never come.
  • You can give some cheap goods to people from your competitors so that people can become your customers.
  • Make a list of the goods that are getting the highest sales in your area and keep that stuff in your hardware store as much as possible so that no customer has to return.


A hardware business whose products do not deteriorate quickly and another thing is the sale of hardware goods from time to time and its sales will continue to increase in the coming time, so you stay in your own area. You can earn a lot of money by starting a business. Hope you like this information given by me, thanks.

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Unique Business: Do business of this new product, which gives double profit, know which product is this


If you want to earn good money by starting any type of business with very little investment, then you can earn a very quick profit by starting a new and modern business of today’s product named Steamchef. This is a product in which you can make all kinds of food items in a very tasty and nutritious way. Let us know in this article how you can earn more profit by starting a modern business of today’s age with absolutely less investment.

What is Steamchef?

This is a product in which you can cook all types of food in a very natural form and keep it with all the nutrients through this product. Today, the demand for this product is going to increase day by day and people like to eat all kinds of nutrients in their food, because it is very important to eat nutritious foods for their health.

Steamchef Product Features

Talking about the speciality of this product, you get it with very good features. All types of food items in this product are cooked through the boil process and all the types of food items mentioned through this product have their nutritional content intact and are very beneficial for our health. In this, food items are made through a unique and nutrient-rich process.

Steamchef Recipes

You can make many types of dishes through Steamchef. In this, different types of food items are cooked very quickly in a certain time, let’s know which dishes can be made in it –

  • You can make momos in it.
  • Veg Biriani
  • Can make green salad.
  • In this, you can make mix vegetable and its soup.
  • Italy and Dhokla can be made.
  • Sprouts, gram and moong can also be made.
  • Eggs can be boiled and you can easily make more things through this product.

Steamchef Product Process

  • In this, you are provided with three different sectors within a product.
  • In the lowest sector, you have to add water to cook any type of food item.
  • You can keep any food item you want to make in the remaining sector.
  • Now slowly the water will start to boil and only through the steam process your food item will be prepared with plenty of nutrients.
  • It is very easy to make all kinds of food items and a booklet is also given in it, in which the method of making all kinds of different food items is also given.

Required license for Steamchef product business

In this business, you only have to sell this product made by the company and you will not need any big business license. When your business will gradually take a big shape, then you have to go to your nearest industry department and provide information related to your business and get a license related to them.

Investment in Steamchef product business

To start this business, you do not have to invest much, just you have to sell this amazing product created by the company, keeping your margin as determined through yourself. To buy this product, you just have to spend 3500 rupees and you can sell it in the market by keeping the margin according to you. The single piece price of this product of the company has been fixed at Rs 3500 and you can start this business on the basis of minimum investment.

SteamChef Product Advantage

The company which has made this amazing product, that company has kept the price of this product very low. In such a situation, you can keep a margin ranging from thousand rupees to 500 rupees on each single piece of product. If you sold two or three products in 1 day, then your 1-day earnings can be between 3 to 4 thousand rupees. That is, through this business, you can easily earn 70 to 80 thousand rupees every month.

Risk in Business of Steamchef Products

In today’s time, there is no risk on such products and you can start this business easily and earn good profits. Because in today’s time people prefer to eat nutritious food. In fact, many types of diseases are gradually giving place to mankind in their clutches. In such a way, we can keep our health safe by consuming the nutrients present in it through properly cooked food.

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Therefore, looking at all these things, the company has created this amazing product and every food item cooked in this product retains a sufficient amount of nutrients inside itself. That is why in today’s time the demand for such products is increasing in the market.


Q: What to do to start the Steamchef business?

Ans: All you have to do is contact the company and they will tell you the process ahead on their own.

Q: Can good profits be made by starting Steamchef’s business?

Ans: Yes, you can earn good profits from this business.

Q: How much investment will be required to start Steamchef’s business?

Ans: From 4 to 5 thousand rupees.

Q: How much profit can we make by starting Steamchef’s business?

Ans: From 70 to 80 thousand rupees every month.

Q: Where to get the license to start the Steamchef business?

Ans: From your nearest industry department.

Weekend Business Ideas: Students can earn money by starting this amazing business during the holidays


In today’s time inflation is increasing very much and in such a situation we cannot strengthen our economic condition by depending on one employment. In such a situation, if we are considering making some extra income, then we can start a weekly business and create an additional earning path. On Saturday and Sunday, 2 days a week, there is a holiday in offices in government and private sectors and in such a situation we can start any kind of weekly business with ease. Today we have brought the best weekly business idea in this article.

Weekend Business Ideas for Students

Sports coach

If you have sports knowledge, then you can easily give sports class to students at your home on Sundays and Saturdays. In today’s time, all students join some or the other sports class and it can become a great weekly business for you.

Tour guide

If you live in a historical place where there is always a movement of tourism fighters, then you can start a guide business. There is no cost to you in this business, just you should have all kinds of information related to your historical place. There should be so much information that you can explain and tell your client in detail about that place. This can be the easiest and best earning business for you as a weekly business, as you can charge a guide of 1000 to at least 500 rupees per client.

Cooking classes

In today’s time, people like to eat and cook a wide variety of dishes. If you know how to cook different kinds of delicious dishes and you can teach it to other people as well. You have a great weekend. Cooking classes can begin. Today, almost everyone loves to attend cooking classes and whether they want to serve their family by preparing delicious dishes one by one or starting any type of restaurant, they are the first to cook for it. Let’s join classes. This is the reason that in today’s time this weekly business can become a source of good income for you.

Hobby classes for children

All the parents of today like to teach their children some extra curriculum activity along with studies. If you can teach kids a different hobby then this can be the best business for you today. You can teach music yoga daily and other kinds of good hobbies in it and in today’s time, the prevalence of such classes is very high, it can be a good weekly business for you.

Travel agency

Today all the people like to travel abroad during their vacation time and in such a way they can make their journey easy. Travel agency Contact with In today’s time, the demand for travel agency business in the green area is increasing because people like to do their travel in an easy and safe manner. You can easily start a travel agency business as a weekly business. In this type of business, you can make your client book all the things for his journey and in return, he can make a sure charge. If you get two to four clients as a weekly business, then you will easily earn 2 to 3 thousand extra rupees in a week.

How To start a body lotion manufacturing business? Complete Process..

How To start a body lotion manufacturing business? Complete Process..


Everyone is probably well aware of the use of Body Lotion. While earlier the practice of such products was limited to cities only, currently a variety of beauty products are popular among young men – women, women and men of rural India. Are popular. Beauty cosmetics or cosmetic products also have a leading position in FMCG products as they are also used extensively in every household. Even if moral education teaches us that the importance of physical beauty is much less than the beauty of the mind.

But you are probably well aware of what is the reality of the present world. Man needs this product called Body Lotion to make his body beautiful. By the way, if you want to make your body beautiful, every person, whether it is a woman or a man, lives in both, but the major customers of beauty products include teenage, youth and women.

This is the reason why many multinational companies are trying to earn profit by entering into the business of FMCG products in a country with a vast majority like India. Body Lotion is also one such product which is needed most in every teenager, youth, especially the female section. In such a situation, the body lotion manufacturing business can also be a profitable business, but before we talk about the process of starting it, let us know what it is?

What is body lotion?

If we talk about Body Lotion, it is a topical preparation with a low viscosity that is used to make the skin beautiful and healthy. Apart from this, if we talk about creams and gels, then due to the low water content in them, there is more viscosity. Body lotion can be applied to the outer skin with bare hands or fingers, through a brush, with a clean cloth, or through a cotton swab. The lotion can also be used as a medicine delivery system. There are many types of lotions such as hand lotions, body lotions, etc. which are intended to lubricate, moisturize, soften the skin and create fragrance or fragrance in the skin.

Types of body lotion

Body lotion can also vary depending on the type of skin of the human being because if someone has dry skin then a different body lotion will work on it whereas the same type of body lotion will work on oily skin. Therefore, keeping in mind the need of the people, there are many types of body lotions available in the market, some of which are prominent in this way.

Dry Skin Care Body Lotion: This type of lotion is bought by people whose skin is dry.

Soft Skin Care Body Lotion: This type of lotion is commonly used by people with oily skin and those with soft skin.

General Purpose Body Lotion This type of lotion can be used by anyone with skin, so this article of ours is based on this body lotion.

Profit and Sales Prospect

If we talk about the year 2011, at that time Body Lotion used to have a small part in the Indian skincare market. Because at that time its penetration in the Indian skin care market was only 16% but it was growing at a fast pace. So at that time the entrepreneurs had a good time to jump into the market of this product and many aspiring entrepreneurs took this ideal decision. Today, they seem very happy with their decision because the demand for body lotion has increased significantly due to various skin care reasons.

The global body lotion market is also experiencing considerable growth due to the increasing awareness of skin hygiene and beauty among customers or people. Since General Type Body Lotion can also be used for dry, oily and normal skin, it is more likely to be sold. According to a reliable figure, more than two hundred metric tons of creams and lotions were manufactured in South Asian countries in the financial year 2020. It provides many benefits to those who use body lotion regularly, some of which are in this way.

  • It helps in suppressing excess dry or rough spots on the skin.
  • It rehydrates dry skin.
  • It reduces the rough parts of the body.
  • In winter, it is helpful in keeping the body warm.
  • It is also used to protect the lips from rupture, to prevent the lips from rupturing, and to prevent the skin from rupturing.

Body Lotion Manufacturing Business Process?

To start the Body Lotion Manufacturing Business, the entrepreneur will need to set up an ointment manufacturing plant, according to a figure, it may cost up to Rs 18-20 lakh to set up a 100 kg GMP model of ointment manufacturing plant. However, the cost of setting up a low capacity plant is also likely to be less. Apart from this, to start such a business, all the processes like managing land and building, managing finances, licensing and registration, purchasing machinery and raw materials, hiring of necessary employees etc. also need to be completed. Let us know how any interested person can start their own body lotion manufacturing business.

1. Land and Building Management

The entrepreneur also needs space for a manufacturing site, space for building an inventory room or store room, space for power supply users, and a small office for setting up an industrial setup. In this way, the entrepreneur may need 1200 to 1500 Square Feet space. However, it is not necessary in which posh area or expensive area that the entrepreneur should manage the place itself, but wherever there is easy availability of electricity, water, road, employees, the entrepreneur can manage the place and building for this work at the same place.

If the entrepreneur has any non-arable land available to him at the appropriate location, then the entrepreneur can start construction work on the same and establish the Body Lotion Plant as per the floor plan. Renting an otherwise built building is the right option.

2. Finance management

Before managing finances, the entrepreneur should know how much he will need to spend to buy machinery and equipment, how much it will cost to buy raw materials, how much will be spent in land acquisition and construction, furniture for office etc. How much will it cost to buy computers etc. and how much will it cost to pay the salaries of the employees. This is to say that the entrepreneur doing the Body Lotion Manufacturing Business will be able to manage a reasonable amount of finance only when it comes to know what the total cost is, including the steady and working costs involved in starting his business.

Therefore, the entrepreneur should make a project report before arranging the finance and then according to the same, should arrange finance under subsidy loans, bank loans or personal savings under government schemes.

3. License and registration

The following licenses and registrations may be required to start Body Lotion Manufacturing Business.

  • Registration with the Registrar of Companies
  • GST registration
  • Factory License and Trade License
  • License from Cosmetic and Drug Control Board
  • NOC from Pollution and Fire Department
  • Enterprise registration or MSME registration
  • Brand Name Selection and Trademark Registration

4. Machinery and Raw Materials

Starting a Body Lotion Manufacturing Business requires setting up an entrepreneurial co-ordination manufacturing plant as a machinery although it may be of different capacity depending on the entrepreneur’s plan. Apart from the ointment plant, other co-machines and equipment may also be required. The list of raw materials used in this business is as follows.

  • Various water like Alloy water, Rose water, Glycerin etc.
  • Different types of oils like sweet almond oil, mineral oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, alloy butter etc.
  • Emulating wax
  • Stearic acid
  • Preservatives and fragrances

5. Start Body Lotion Manufacturing:

All raw materials are procured from the authorized vendor and stored in the storeroom. The raw material required to start the Body Lotion Manufacturing Business is then taken out to the plant room as per the production requirement and brought to the plant. After that the measured quantity is put into the mixer using the feed control system, during this process various sensors like load cell and flow meter etc. are also used. The raw materials are then mixed according to their required sequence and mixed for a certain period of time. During this process the temperature is maintained through the water jacket of the mixer vessel when this product is ready, it is pumped into the holding tank of the filling machine. Where it is filled into the empty tubo through the filling machine, the bottom of which is crimped through the crimping machine.

How To Start Scrap Business in Low Investment?


How To Start Scrap Business in india in Low Investment

In today’s time, the business of recycling is such a business from which any person can earn good profits in a very short time. We are well aware of the fact that today the waste generated by many mediums is also growing at a very fast pace. We all know how much nature is being contaminated by this increasing waste, but very few people know that many of these wastes can be recycled to start a lucrative business and earn a profit. With this, increasing waste in nature can also be reduced.

How To Start a Recycling Business?

To start any recycling business, it is important to have the best knowledge of selling recycled products first and most importantly when and how you get the goods for recycling. Apart from this, you can start a recycling business from home, but for that, you have to take care of many things, which we will tell in our article.

Knowing about the recycling business can be a means of earning money in an eco-friendly way. Under the recycling business, people think that soda cans, bottles, and old paper have to be collected. Rather, the most profitable recycling businesses focus on other goods and materials. For example, removing work items from computers, cell phones, and other household items.

For this, you should know the recycling process of the product, the product you want to recycle. Besides, it is also an environment-friendly operation. Most of the recycling business is considered as small scale manufacturing.

Create a Business Plan and Business Structure

In this type of business, you have to first keep in mind, which material you are thinking about recycling, then build the structure of the business accordingly. For example, if you are going to generate fuel from waste and then buy equipment for the company accordingly and build the structure.

Create a Business Plan and Business Structure

1. Decide The Business Name

You will also have to decide the name of your recycling company, with the help of which the registration of the company will be done easily. At the same time, if your work gets better, then you can also become famous as a brand.

2. Define Strengths Structure

It is important for every company that the structure of the company has already been defined. In which you should be sure how your firm will work, how time and workers will work, and what they will do.

3. Budget and Location Selection

Before starting any type of recycling business, see how much your budget is because there are many recycling businesses that ask for a lot of investment. Therefore, choose the business of recycling according to your budget.

The second biggest point is the choice of place, which is very important to choose carefully. In particular, the factories related to the recycling trade are opened where the resources for transportation are easily obtained.

4. License Requirement for Recycling Business

To run the recycling business, registration has to be done due to all the rules related to the government, business registration will be done from the city where you are starting the business. Apart from this, the rules related to hazardous waste (Management, Handling, and Trans Boundary Movement) of the government should be examined, which have been fixed by the Central Pollution Control Board.

It is also necessary to get a license from the prescribed legal authority to run the business smoothly, for which you have to take into account some more rules, such as the Environmental Protection Act (EPA), e-waste (Permanent Management and Handling) Rules and Municipal Solid Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, etc.

Recycling Business Profit Margin in India

The benefit of the recycling business depends on the market value of the product being recycled. On the other hand, if you talk about such recycling businesses, in which metals are recycled, then you can make a profit of up to 50 per cent. But it is possible to earn up to 100 per cent profit in gold cases.

Looking at the figures, according to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries in Corporation, the United States alone exported 4 lakh 80 thousand crores of scrap metal to China.

A consignment centre that recycles household items or second-hand stores can easily save 20 to 50 per cent of profit with funds. Sometimes up to 100 per cent of the profits are received from this business. When you get an item for free.

After recycling old newspapers, you can get a profit of Rs 3246 per ton. Whereas, there can be a profit of Rs 4869 per ton in getting the cardboard through recycling. There can be a huge earning of about 1 lakh rupees per ton in office paper, just this paper recycling business needs more space.

Recycling Business Costs

The start-up costs around 1 lakh 30 thousand, although no one will deny the fact that the cost can also increase according to business. Along with this, your cost will also depend on what kind of product you are recycling. Apart from this, you will have to spend some money on registration, license and other documents of your firm.


Not only in India, but the trade of recycling is also increasing rapidly in all countries because it will be possible for the human race to survive in the future. If we talk about business, nowadays many companies are earning billions of rupees. Investment from the top is also very less. If you want, adopt this business because, in this nature, you and the people benefit all three. Apart from this, the recycling business is growing well all over the world, so it is safe to invest in this business.