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No Information Of The Country Will Be Leaked With Quantum Technology – 

No Information Of The Country Will Be Leaked With Quantum Technology –

– Big success in quantum technology for the country: Experimentation was going on since 2017
– RRI scientists establish quantum communication between two buildings
– extremely important for banking, defense, strategic sector

Bangalore Scientists from the city’s Raman Research Institute (RRI), who are experimenting on quantum communication through satellite technology, have claimed the country to be a big success. Quantum communication system will prove to be extremely effective in establishing secure communication for banking, defense and strategic agencies. Scientists have claimed that this is in line with the vision of the Center, which will prove to be a revolutionary change in the communication system. Communication through this system will be impenetrable and every attempt to infiltrate will fail. The experiment was being conducted since 2017 under the leadership of RRI scientist Professor Urvashi Sinha and in collaboration with ISRO. It was the country’s first quantum project in which success has been claimed. Scientists successfully communicated between the two buildings of the RRI for the first time using Quantum’s distribution (QKD) technology. This is the most powerful way to share encryption.

Communication system will be controlled with satellites
Pro. Sinha said that this is the first time communication has been established using atmospheric channel. This will pave the way for long distance communication through the atmospheric channel. Ultimately, satellites installed in space will ensure quantum communication between the Earth, which is based on ultra-high security.

Decoding information is impossible-
Quantum-based communication is fully capable of securely sharing encryption keys. Information given in this will not be separated. Encryption will change immediately when an attempt is made to decode the information, thereby detecting tampering.


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