Home Technology Google opens new 'Bay View' campus that was designed for employee flexibility — right here's what it appears to be like like

Google opens new 'Bay View' campus that was designed for employee flexibility — right here's what it appears to be like like

Google opens new 'Bay View' campus that was designed for employee flexibility — right here's what it appears to be like like

Google executives Michelle Kaufmann and Asim Tahir stated the corporate needed to design excessive ceilings, vegetation and pure gentle to offer the phantasm of working outside.

Jennifer Elias 

Google this week is opening its latest campus in Mountain View, California and executives say they goal to make it a spot the place workers within the firm’s promoting division really feel extra snug returning to the workplace for many years to return.

The campus dubbed “Bay View” is situated on 42 acres adjoining to NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View and can home 4,000 workers engaged on its advertisements merchandise led by Google’s VP of Ads Jerry Dischler. It consists of two workplace buildings, a 1,000-person occasion heart and 240 momentary lodge models for workers on the town short-term. 

Google makes most of its cash on commercials however has workers scattered throughout the globe. The firm reported $54.66 billion in promoting income for the primary quarter — up from $44.68 billion the yr prior.

It’s additionally the corporate’s first ground-up developed campus. Google’s different campuses are pre-existing buildings that had been modified by the corporate, a spokesperson advised CNBC.

Google opened its new Bay View campus in Mountain View that can home advert workers.

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Executives and spokespeople didn’t disclose the monetary price of the latest campus. However, it’s one in all 20 key initiatives that can obtain investments this yr to the tune of practically $10 billion.

‘Extra targeted on flexibility’

The new campus opening comes as the corporate cautiously brings again nearly all of its workers to workplaces after two years of distant work through the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies face strain to accommodate employee flexibility throughout one of many tightest expertise markets to this point.

“As we started with a blank canvas, we had to ask ourselves another set of questions and that was simply ‘what will work look like in 20 years, 30 years, 50 years, 100 years?’” stated Google’s VP of Workplace and Real Estate David Radcliffe. “And I’ll be honest, the conclusion we came to was ‘we have no idea.’ But what we did know was it meant we had to be extra, extra focused on flexibility. This building had to be able to transform itself over its lifetime in order to respond to the demands being put on by the business.”

The firm’s design included post-pandemic issues, akin to versatile work areas and telephone cubicles, executives stated.

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Part of that planning included accounting for workers coming into the workplace sporadically — just a few days or much less, Radcliffe stated. The campus has casual areas, an on-site lodge and totally different areas for six to ten-person groups to work. It has modular desks, open areas, enclosed areas and see-through areas.

“A lot of it came down to having that ability to go in between focus states of work and collaboration states of work,” stated Michelle Kaufman, director of actual property and office providers R&D. “How do we build for an unknown future?”

Executives said they think the current design is “the epitome of flexibility.” “Can we have it all?” Kaufman added. “Can we have thousands of people feeling connected and still feel intimate?”

Google’s food hall in its new Bay View campus in Mountain View.

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Other features are made to make workers feel like they are outdoors with natural light and high, perforated ceilings. It has privacy booths and tepee-shaped workspaces meant to feel like they’re out on a “trail.”

Courtyards sit between buildings and desks, surrounded by trees and natural wood to give the illusion of “walking in a park,” Kaufman stated. They’re options the corporate plans on together with in a number of different campus websites as “it helps your brain recover a little bit,” Kaufman said.

The roof of the buildings is lined with specially-designed solar panels angled to maximize rainwater collection and light going into the building, executives said.

Google opened its new Bay View campus in Mountain View that will house 4,000 ads employees.

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Throughout the two years of the pandemic, the company asked employees about their working preferences quarterly. Then last year, leading up to the Bay View and return to office deadline, they began asking a random sample of employees on a monthly basis, company executives said.

Google added courtyards in between buildings to give the illuison of “walking in a park,” Kaufman said. 

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“The majority said coming back in with flexible schedules was what they wanted,” Radcliffe stated. “We try to accommodate all the different working styles and not just a one-size-fits-all.” 

Part of designing for flexibility means the design would not cease when the constructing opens, executives stated. It shall be modified by way of the months and years.

Gone are the times the place “you design the building and, as the architecture, you go away,” Kaufman said. “No, no, no. Now, that’s actually when the design is just starting. When we move in, our job is going to be like a DJ and curating the space.”

Google executives stated the first-of-its-kind photo voltaic panel roof design mixed with close by wind farms will energy the Bay View campus on carbon-free vitality 90% of the time. 

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