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Bone Cancer Survivor To Join Billionaire On First Private SpaceX Fligh 

Bone Cancer Survivor To Join Billionaire On First Private SpaceX Fligh

– Part of the doctor mission to overcome bone cancer
SpaceX: Dr. Haley to go on space journey, medical officer of mission

Washington No disease can stop a person from taking a long flight. 29-year-old doctor Haley Arseneau is going to be on her first private SpaceX space trip soon to beat bone cancer. At the age of 10, Haley underwent surgery at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, USA to replace the knee and insert a titanium rod in her left thigh. He is a doctor in this hospital. She will be the first person to reach space with an artificial limb.

The visit was announced by entrepreneur Jared Isakman in early February as part of a $ 200 million fund raise for St. Jude Hospital. Isakman himself will donate half the amount. He named one of the four seats to the hospital. The hospital selected Haley for this. Heli will take over as Medical Officer in the mission. The names of the other two contestants will be announced in March. The hospital reported that $ 9 million has been accumulated so far.

Prepared to fight cancer
Haley said that my fight against cancer prepared me for the journey. I want to tell cancer patients that there is no limit to the sky. People who fight cancer can also make a mark in space. Haley walks limp. His legs ache.

Mission to be launched from Kennedy Center in October
When Haley got a call to inform him about the selection of the trip, he expressed his desire to visit his mother before going to Louisiana. Haley’s father lost his life to kidney cancer in 2018. The mission will launch at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in October.

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