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Queen Elizabeth’s announcement – Prince Harry will not return to the royal family, 

Queen Elizabeth’s announcement – Prince Harry will not return to the royal family,

– There is a storm in Britain’s royal family these days
– Queen Elizabeth took away all honorary military rights from Prince Harry
– The Queen has indicated that Prince Harry and his wife Megan will no longer return to the royal family.

New Delhi.
Queen Elizabeth of Britain has stated clearly that Prince Harry’s return to the British royal family is no longer possible. They also took away Prince Harry’s honorary military authority and royal patronage and delegated these responsibilities to other family members. At the same time, Prince Harry and Megan also immediately clarified their stand on the issue, telling Queen Elizabeth in two words that we can live our lives while serving and service is universal.

Prince Harry and his wife Megan will not return to Britain’s royal family. Queen Elizabeth II on Friday announced the withdrawal of the remaining honorary military rights possessed by Harry and Megan and the royal protection they received.

Harry was bored with royal methods
Prince Harry of Britain became so bored with the royal form that he abandoned the Royal Family. Abandoned all titles from the Royal Family. He then moved to Canada to live with his wife Megan Merkel. During Corona, however, he moved from Vancouver in Canada to California, USA.

Will not be able to do public service: Elizabeth
The Queen said, Prince Harry being away from the royal family is not possible for public service. He is shocked by Harry’s decision, but his new life in Canada means he will not be able to do public service in Britain, according to the expectations of senior members of the royal family. In a statement issued by Elizabeth, she says she is disbanding Prince Harry’s military role and protection and handing him over to other working members of the royal family.

We can live life while serving
Prince Harry and actress Megan married in May 2018 at Windsor Castle. Harry and his wife Megan Merkel are now parents for the second time. After the Queen’s statement, Harry and Megan replied, “We can live life while serving, service is world wide.”


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