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The US asked the CEOs of Facebook, Google and Twitter to be present, 

The US asked the CEOs of Facebook, Google and Twitter to be present,

– US Parliament has asked Facebook, Google and Twitter CEOs to appear
– All the three platforms of social media are accused of spreading fake news and giving false information.
– Australian Prime Minister too is upset with social media attitude and is asking for help from India

New Delhi.

The spread of fake news on social media is not new. Through this, the process of spreading confusion among people has been going on since long. In this sequence, the CEOs of three social media giants Facebook, Google and Twitter have been summoned to the US Parliament for giving false information and spreading fake news. In addition, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is also upset after the news ban on Facebook in Australia. He has sought help from India in this regard.

Three veterans of online humancheform have been summoned to the US Parliament regarding misinformation. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will be questioned in the House on March 25 regarding misinformation on online humanformat. Frank Palone Jr., chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, said that whether it was a lie about the Kovid-19 vein scene or false claims of electoral fraud, these online humanforms allowed misinformation to spread. This fueled the national crisis with real life.

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has sought help from India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi after Facebook banned the posting of news and emergency services. Morrison spoke to Modi over the phone in an attempt to garner the support of world leaders against Facebook’s move. Morrison raised the issue of Facebook’s attitude in Australia to PM Modi. He said that Facebook should stop trying to bully elected governments in this way.

The Government of Australia says that if Facebook was in conflict with any law there, then its Chief Mark Zuckerberg should have talked about it, rather than suddenly stopping the content needed for millions of users. In protest against a law of the Government of Australia, Facebook took an unexpected step and banned the posting of news, health and emergency services there.


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