Home Business Ideas How To start a body lotion manufacturing business? Complete Process..

How To start a body lotion manufacturing business? Complete Process..

How To start a body lotion manufacturing business? Complete Process..

Everyone is probably well aware of the use of Body Lotion. While earlier the practice of such products was limited to cities only, currently a variety of beauty products are popular among young men – women, women and men of rural India. Are popular. Beauty cosmetics or cosmetic products also have a leading position in FMCG products as they are also used extensively in every household. Even if moral education teaches us that the importance of physical beauty is much less than the beauty of the mind.

But you are probably well aware of what is the reality of the present world. Man needs this product called Body Lotion to make his body beautiful. By the way, if you want to make your body beautiful, every person, whether it is a woman or a man, lives in both, but the major customers of beauty products include teenage, youth and women.

This is the reason why many multinational companies are trying to earn profit by entering into the business of FMCG products in a country with a vast majority like India. Body Lotion is also one such product which is needed most in every teenager, youth, especially the female section. In such a situation, the body lotion manufacturing business can also be a profitable business, but before we talk about the process of starting it, let us know what it is?

What is body lotion?

If we talk about Body Lotion, it is a topical preparation with a low viscosity that is used to make the skin beautiful and healthy. Apart from this, if we talk about creams and gels, then due to the low water content in them, there is more viscosity. Body lotion can be applied to the outer skin with bare hands or fingers, through a brush, with a clean cloth, or through a cotton swab. The lotion can also be used as a medicine delivery system. There are many types of lotions such as hand lotions, body lotions, etc. which are intended to lubricate, moisturize, soften the skin and create fragrance or fragrance in the skin.

Types of body lotion

Body lotion can also vary depending on the type of skin of the human being because if someone has dry skin then a different body lotion will work on it whereas the same type of body lotion will work on oily skin. Therefore, keeping in mind the need of the people, there are many types of body lotions available in the market, some of which are prominent in this way.

Dry Skin Care Body Lotion: This type of lotion is bought by people whose skin is dry.

Soft Skin Care Body Lotion: This type of lotion is commonly used by people with oily skin and those with soft skin.

General Purpose Body Lotion This type of lotion can be used by anyone with skin, so this article of ours is based on this body lotion.

Profit and Sales Prospect

If we talk about the year 2011, at that time Body Lotion used to have a small part in the Indian skincare market. Because at that time its penetration in the Indian skin care market was only 16% but it was growing at a fast pace. So at that time the entrepreneurs had a good time to jump into the market of this product and many aspiring entrepreneurs took this ideal decision. Today, they seem very happy with their decision because the demand for body lotion has increased significantly due to various skin care reasons.

The global body lotion market is also experiencing considerable growth due to the increasing awareness of skin hygiene and beauty among customers or people. Since General Type Body Lotion can also be used for dry, oily and normal skin, it is more likely to be sold. According to a reliable figure, more than two hundred metric tons of creams and lotions were manufactured in South Asian countries in the financial year 2020. It provides many benefits to those who use body lotion regularly, some of which are in this way.

  • It helps in suppressing excess dry or rough spots on the skin.
  • It rehydrates dry skin.
  • It reduces the rough parts of the body.
  • In winter, it is helpful in keeping the body warm.
  • It is also used to protect the lips from rupture, to prevent the lips from rupturing, and to prevent the skin from rupturing.

Body Lotion Manufacturing Business Process?

To start the Body Lotion Manufacturing Business, the entrepreneur will need to set up an ointment manufacturing plant, according to a figure, it may cost up to Rs 18-20 lakh to set up a 100 kg GMP model of ointment manufacturing plant. However, the cost of setting up a low capacity plant is also likely to be less. Apart from this, to start such a business, all the processes like managing land and building, managing finances, licensing and registration, purchasing machinery and raw materials, hiring of necessary employees etc. also need to be completed. Let us know how any interested person can start their own body lotion manufacturing business.

1. Land and Building Management

The entrepreneur also needs space for a manufacturing site, space for building an inventory room or store room, space for power supply users, and a small office for setting up an industrial setup. In this way, the entrepreneur may need 1200 to 1500 Square Feet space. However, it is not necessary in which posh area or expensive area that the entrepreneur should manage the place itself, but wherever there is easy availability of electricity, water, road, employees, the entrepreneur can manage the place and building for this work at the same place.

If the entrepreneur has any non-arable land available to him at the appropriate location, then the entrepreneur can start construction work on the same and establish the Body Lotion Plant as per the floor plan. Renting an otherwise built building is the right option.

2. Finance management

Before managing finances, the entrepreneur should know how much he will need to spend to buy machinery and equipment, how much it will cost to buy raw materials, how much will be spent in land acquisition and construction, furniture for office etc. How much will it cost to buy computers etc. and how much will it cost to pay the salaries of the employees. This is to say that the entrepreneur doing the Body Lotion Manufacturing Business will be able to manage a reasonable amount of finance only when it comes to know what the total cost is, including the steady and working costs involved in starting his business.

Therefore, the entrepreneur should make a project report before arranging the finance and then according to the same, should arrange finance under subsidy loans, bank loans or personal savings under government schemes.

3. License and registration

The following licenses and registrations may be required to start Body Lotion Manufacturing Business.

  • Registration with the Registrar of Companies
  • GST registration
  • Factory License and Trade License
  • License from Cosmetic and Drug Control Board
  • NOC from Pollution and Fire Department
  • Enterprise registration or MSME registration
  • Brand Name Selection and Trademark Registration

4. Machinery and Raw Materials

Starting a Body Lotion Manufacturing Business requires setting up an entrepreneurial co-ordination manufacturing plant as a machinery although it may be of different capacity depending on the entrepreneur’s plan. Apart from the ointment plant, other co-machines and equipment may also be required. The list of raw materials used in this business is as follows.

  • Various water like Alloy water, Rose water, Glycerin etc.
  • Different types of oils like sweet almond oil, mineral oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, alloy butter etc.
  • Emulating wax
  • Stearic acid
  • Preservatives and fragrances

5. Start Body Lotion Manufacturing:

All raw materials are procured from the authorized vendor and stored in the storeroom. The raw material required to start the Body Lotion Manufacturing Business is then taken out to the plant room as per the production requirement and brought to the plant. After that the measured quantity is put into the mixer using the feed control system, during this process various sensors like load cell and flow meter etc. are also used. The raw materials are then mixed according to their required sequence and mixed for a certain period of time. During this process the temperature is maintained through the water jacket of the mixer vessel when this product is ready, it is pumped into the holding tank of the filling machine. Where it is filled into the empty tubo through the filling machine, the bottom of which is crimped through the crimping machine.


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