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Complete Information About Khadi Village Industries Business

Complete Information About Khadi Village Industries Business

The Department of Khadi and Village Industries is an apex body under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. Khadi Gram Udyog Business is a profitable business of today’s time. Khadi Village Industries was established for planning, promoting, providing facilities and assistance to the people in rural areas. If you also open a Khadi shop under Khadi Village Industries in your area, then you can earn a lot of money. In today’s article, we are going to give complete information about the Khadi Gram Udyog’s business, so definitely read this article completely.

What is Khadi Village Industries?

The full name of Khadi Village Industries is Khadi Development and Village Industries Commission, popularly known as KVIC in English. Whose full form is Khadi and Village Industries Commission? Khadi refers to the fabric spun and woven by hand. Raw materials like silk, cotton and wool are used to make khadi cloth by spinning the thread with the help of a spinning wheel.

Establishment of Khadi Village Industries

The Khadi Village Industries Department was established in 1956 by the Act passed by the Parliament. Later, the Khadi Village Industries Department’s Act was amended in 1987 and 2006. In 1957, Khadi Village Industries Organization took over the entire charge of All India Khadi and Village Industries Board, its headquarter is in Mumbai.

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Main Objectives of Khadi Village Industries Commission

  • To provide employment to the people in rural areas.
  • Providing material for sale to those who start Khadi Village Industries business.
  • To make the people of rural areas of India self-reliant and to build a strong social spirit.

Khadi village industries works

Following are the functions of Khadi Village Industries-

  • To organize training for the people working in Khadi Village Industries.
  • To develop the spirit of mutual cooperation among the people associated with Khadi Village Industries so that any difficulty can be easily faced together.
  • To provide raw materials, tools and implements to the people associated with Khadi Village Industries so that Khadi textiles can be produced.
  • To provide a marketing facility for the products produced by Khadi Village Industries.
  • The work of the Khadi Gram Udyog Commission is to promote small scale industries in rural areas and to take its results to the people by doing new research.
  • Khadi Village Industries also does the work of increasing the productivity of Khadi Village Industries through new technology and reducing labour.
  • The work of Khadi Village Industries is also to promote the competitive ideology in the quality and production capacity of goods produced by small scale industries engaged in rural areas.
  • To solve the problems of small scale industries located in rural areas from time to time.
  • To provide financial assistance to the organization associated with Khadi and Village Industries and the persons associated with this industry.
  • Khadi Village Industries Commission checks the productivity of Khadi goods whether these items are produced according to the quality standards of the commission or not.

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Types of khadi

Under Khadi Village Industries, Khadi is divided into three parts –

  • Cotton Clothing – Cotton cloth is used for making dress material and shirts etc.
  • Woolen Clothing – Woolen cloth is used for making sweaters, blankets, socks, shawls etc.
  • Silk cloth – Silk cloth is used for making sarees, dresses and shirts.

Importance of Spinning Wheel

The spinning wheel was first started in China in 1100 AD, at that time the size of the spinning wheel was of another type. According to the change of time, the spinning wheel was also changed and its production capacity was increased. When the spinning wheel was introduced, till today there has been no decrease in the use of the spinning wheel. With the change of time, the shape and structure of the spinning wheel were changed but its function was the same as it was before. Even today, the spinning wheel has special importance in the Khadi village industry, through which Khadi clothes are produced.

Features of E-Spinning Wheel

  • The facility of the generator is also provided to the purchaser of the spinning wheel by Khadi Village Industries.
  • If a person spins for 2 hours with a spinning wheel with two spindles, then 2.4 km long thread can be made from it.
  • Spinning the thread for 2 hours with a two-spindle charkha gives a power backup of about 7.5 hours, which is enough for a day’s use.
  • The generator can be connected and disconnected from charging by pressing the on/off button.
  • The power backup of 7.5 hours allows you to keep the LED lights on for 7.5 hours and listen to the radio for the same amount of time.
  • In a month, if you spin for 25 days with two spindles, a single bed sheet, a bath towel and a shirt thread can be made.

Components of E-Spinning Wheel

  • The e-charkha is available in one, two and eight spindles for spinning the thread.
  • One watt led bulb is part of the lighting unit.
  • The transistor radio is available with AM/FM tuner.
  • The battery also remains Available.

How Khadi Village Industries is beneficial for the environment?

All the clothes of Khadi are made by spinning the yarn by hand with the help of a spinning wheel. No factory is required to spin yarn with the help of a spinning wheel, while the other types of textiles that are produced are set up to produce large factories, which cause a lot of pollution.

No fuel is required to spin yarn with a spinning wheel. All the clothes made under Khadi Village Industries are handwoven, which is very beneficial for the health of the coming generation and there is no side effect. Khadi Village Industries is a good option to reduce global warming, so Khadi should be promoted more and more. Most of the machines work in factories, due to which unemployment is increasing, by promoting Khadi, people will also get employment and the environment will also be pure.

Khadi Village Industries Laboratory

There are two laboratories all over India, where all the equipment is available, first Khadi Village Industries Experiment Committee in Ahmedabad and the second, Directorate of Khadi Processing Borivali Khadi Village Industries Committee in Mumbai. Ahmedabad has been given the responsibility of mechanical processing, Khadi Village Industries Committee also provides in-house facilities to such institutions related to Gulf Village Industries, whose size is slightly larger. The work of dyeing and printing on the fabrics produced under Khadi Village Industries has been given to the Directorate of Khadi Processing Borivali, Mumbai.


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