Home Business Guide How To Open Electronics Store | Full information of cost and profits

How To Open Electronics Store | Full information of cost and profits

How To Open Electronics Store |  Full information of cost and profits

if you want to open an electronics shop If you want to know the complete information, then you have come to the right website. Here you will get all the information related to electrical business ideas, which you can also start the electronics shop business by reading. Friends, in today’s time, whether it is a village or a city, electricity has become a necessity for people everywhere, in such a situation, people use electronics equipment for their own amenities.

Products related to this business are used by people of all classes, so it does not take long to sell all such items in the electronic shop such as fan, cooler, fridge, wire, board, wiring pipe, switch. At present, it is in demand, as well as its demand in the future is going to increase, so in today’s article, we will tell you that How To Open Electronics Shop.

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What is the electronic shop business?

The shop where electrical appliances such as coolers, AC, fan, fridge, flashlight, cable, bulb, wire etc. are sold is called Electronic shop. Some people also sell these products by opening showrooms of different companies.

Electronic product demand

Talking about the present, every electronic item is in high demand. The main reason for this is that from time to time, the demand of every item increases in the coming season like fan, cooler, fridge etc. in summer, then there is a great demand for the heater in winter. Apart from this, there are some items whose demand, whether it is summer or winter, is always there.

And secondly, the electronic product is the second most importable item after oil, so the market potential of this business is very good, which is always in demand.

How to get started?

Friends, before opening an electronic shop, you should do thorough planning of electronic business, such as in which area you want to open the shop, how much you want to charge, what products you want to sell in your shop, sell in wholesale Make a business plan of where to buy goods in retail or in retail.

Start this business only after making a business plan. Get information about the profits of every product from other shopkeepers or wholesalers. By doing this, you will be aware of everything and will also enjoy doing business.

The right place to shop

The place is very important to start the Electronic Shop Business, because in today’s time or in the future people mostly buy electronics products from the market itself, so your shop or showroom should be a place where people move more. It means opening an electronic shop in a crowded place is quite beneficial. Where there are other types of shops, people also get other essential items.

Secondly, you also have to pay attention that if you are opening a shop in the market, then the shop should be a little bigger because most of the customers buy electronic products from big shops. If you are opening an electronic shop then at least 500 sq ft and if you are looking to open a showroom, then at least 1000 sq ft space will be required. The furnishing and look of the shop should be attractive only then the customer will be attracted.

Shop license and registration

By the way, you will find many shops in your local area that are running shops without a license, but this method is illegal. If you want to run your shop or showroom smoothly then you may need the following license.

Incoming costs for the electronic shop

To start this business you have to add all the expenses only then a successful business plan will be considered like shop rent, electricity bill, expenses on staff, furniture, computer and printer, advertising etc. about 2 lakhs and about 8 to the goods. 10 lakhs, that is, there will be an investment of about 10 to 12 lakhs in total.

Overall, all these expenses depend on you at which level you want to start working.

Profit margin in electronic business

Although each product has different profit margins, but if you start this business, you can get a profit margin of 20% to 50%. Area wise your profit may increase or decrease.

Electronic items list

In the electronic shop, you can make and sell a lot of equipment. For example, let me tell you some names like-

  • The fridge
  • Cooler
  • AC
  • fan
  • heater
  • The cable
  • The wire
  • tape
  • The switch
  • Board
  • Griff
  • Two pin and five pin socket
  • television
  • LCD, LED
  • Computer, laptop
  • The mixer
  • Flashlight
  • tube light
  • table fan
  • The screw
  • The bulb
  • Holder
  • Geyser
  • Wiring pipe
  • Washing machine
  • radio
  • Cell
  • wire cutter

Apart from this, there are many items that you can keep in your shop. When you contact the dealer, the dealer himself will give information about it.

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Where to get the goods

Small products that are kept in electronic shop, you will get them from the same dealer, but you will have to buy big items like computer, laptop, fridge, AC, cooler, washing machine etc. from different dealer. It depends on which company product you want to sell. There are dealers in every city to buy goods, you can contact them or you can contact the direct company to get the goods.

In big cities such as Delhi, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Mumbai, etc., a lot of markets related to electronic items will be seen from where you can buy goods. Apart from this, some companies sell their goods by giving franchise, then you can also buy goods by contacting that franchise owner.

Ways to increase cell

  • Advertise your shop by placing poster banners everywhere.
  • Treat the customer well.
  • Some goods have guarantees and warranties that go bad during a time period. In such a situation, provide special facilities to the customer in case the product gets defective.
  • Offer special offers to the customer on the occasion of the upcoming festival from time to time.
  • Some people are unable to pay lump sum, provide easy installment facilities for such people.
  • Connect with big companies like Amazon, Flipkart and sell your product online.


After reading this article, you must have understood that How To Open Electronics Shop. However, if you want to start this business, then start the business only after taking complete information and if possible, then keep the staff person who has worked at another shop, this will give you a lot of relief. I hope you liked this article, you can comment and tell which business information you need. Thank you for reading the post.


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