Home Business Guide How To open a Medical store? A to Z full Process to open medical store

How To open a Medical store? A to Z full Process to open medical store

How To open a Medical store? A to Z full Process to open medical store

Ever since the arrival of Corona, there has been a huge crowd at the medical store, and in view of this crowd, we definitely think that how to open a medical store. The medical store is an evergreen business that operates throughout the year no matter the season. People keep getting sick in every season, in such a situation, people go to the doctor and the doctor prescribes the medicine, which we go to the medical shop to get.

But friends, since Corona has created a ruckus all around since neither doctors nor medicines are available in the hospital, people have only one support and that is the medical store. Many people would have lost their lives if there were no medical stores in today’s time. Therefore, it is most important to take care of our health and this is possible only when we are ill, then we can get treatment and all the medicines that are needed at the time of treatment can be available.

Looking at all these things, if the business of the medical store is opened, it can be a very profitable business. Friends, in this article today, we are going to give you complete information about to open a medical store, in what way you can open a medical store, what is the process, what should be the qualification and much more, you are requested to complete this article Will definitely study

Medical store business plan

Medical store means a shop where many types of medicines related to health are sold. These are pharmacy shops where medicines are sold in retail. At these stores, the customer can buy medicines without consulting any doctor, but there are some medicines that should not be bought without the advice of a doctor, because this business is a health-related business, so do not face a slowdown in this business Does matter.

How to start a pharmacy store in India?

Pharmacy Shop can be opened in two ways, first of all on a large scale, in which the entrepreneur can open a shop on a large scale by applying the capital himself, in which he can appoint a pharmacist. And on a smaller scale, in which the industry wants to do so by investing less capital, if the entrepreneur wants to open a medical store on his own, then he needs to do B. Pharma or D. Pharma.

Eligibility for opening a medical store

Friends, you can start a medical shop business only if you have done any of these courses. If you have not done this course yet and you want to open a pharmacy shop, then you should take any of the following courses.

1. Diploma in pharmacy – Those who have passed Intermediate examination from Biology and who have 50% marks in Intermediate can do D.Pharma course. This is a 3-year course that you can do from both government colleges and private colleges.

2. Bachelor of Pharmacy Intermediate must have a minimum of 50% marks in order to take a pharma course. Also must be from Inter Bio. The duration of this course is 4 years. For admission in B.Pharma, it is very important to pass the entrance examination conducted by the state government. Those who want to open a medical shop can do this course. After completing the course, it is necessary to undergo training for 6 months from a government or private hospital.

3. Master of Pharmacy – This is a two-year course and to get admission in m.pharma, a student must pass B.Pharma with 50% marks. After doing M.Pharma one gets a lot of knowledge about medicines but the student has to work very hard to do this course.

Register with Pharmacy Council

When a person’s pharmacy is complete, to become a registered pharmacist one has to be registered with the Pharmacy Council of the state. For this, the candidate has to provide some other documents in addition to the educational documents which are verified, this application can also be done online by the candidate.

Medical store rules and regulations

If a person wants to open a medical store, then one must have a certificate from D. Pharma, B. Pharma, M. Pharma. On the basis of this certificate, a license to open a medical store is given by the State Drugs Standard Control Organization and the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization.

Pharmacy Selection

There are many types of pharmacies in India but the most prevalent are only 4.

  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Township Pharmacy
  • Chain Pharmacy

Stand Alone Pharmacy

  1. Hospital Pharmacy- This type of pharmacy is opened in a hospital where medicines prescribed by the doctor are given to the patients.
  2. Township Pharmacy- You can open this type of pharmacy in any township or small town and give medicine to the patients there.
  3. Chain Pharmacy- Under the chain pharmacy are those medical stores that have multiple medical outlets in different cities of the same company.
  4. Stand alone pharmacy- People who open their own medical store in a residential area or a street neighborhood are called stand alone pharmacy, most of the medical stores are opened like this.

Medical store license and documents

  • Application Form
  • Pharmacist Living Certificate
  • High School Passing Certificate
  • Aadhar Card
  • Diploma Certificate or Marksheet in Pharmacy
  • Experience Certificate
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Fee Deposit Challan
  • Site plan
  • Documents of Registered Pharmacist

Drug license for medical store

After collecting all the above mentioned documents, apply to the State Drugs Standard Control Organization of the state in which you are resident. Here, you will have to pay the fee prescribed by them, as soon as your application is successfully completed, within 3 months of that, your license arrives at your given address.

Area Required for Medical Shop

If we talk about the Area Required For Medical Store, then at least 100 to 110 squire feet of space will be required for the retail drug dealer. But if you are opening a medical shop for a wholesaler then you will need 200 to 250 square feet of space.

Where to buy medicine?

After opening the friend’s medical store, the entrepreneur has this problem where to buy the medicine, see friends, you have two ways to buy the medicine here, the first is that you can contact the drug manufacturers directly and they will get the medicine. Can buy but the biggest thing here is that for this you will need to invest a lot because companies at a small level refuse to give medicines.

The second way is that you can contact the big wholesalers supplying in your nearby city. These people deal in small-scale medical shops and here you also get all kinds of medicines. .

Medical Shop Business Cost

Those who are new, who do not know anything about it, their first question is how much investment is needed to start a medical shop. So let me tell you that at least 2 lakh rupees will be required to start a medical store, only then you will be able to keep different types of medicines in your store, if you want to open a bigger shop, then you will get about 5 to 7 lakhs. Money will be required.

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Medical shop business profit

By the way, very good income can be earned from the medical shop because the number of patients is increasing day by day. Usually two types of medicines are sold at medical stores, one is generic medicines and the other is ethical medicines. Generic medicines have a profit margin of about 40 to 50 percent, while ethical margins of different pharmaceutical companies vary from company to company.

Millions of rupees a month can be earned in this business. There is no exact figure of medical store business profit margin. It depends on you how you deal.

How to increase drug selling

To increase the sales of medicines, contact all the nearby doctors, you can tell them to send the medicines that they write to your medical shop, in return you can commission them.

You must have seen that there are petty doctors in every village and small town. You should contact them and tell them to buy medicines from your store and this will happen only when you give them more discounts than others.

Different doctors prescribe different types of medicines, which makes the customer upset. Many times, many medical shops have to find medicines, so you try to keep all kinds of medicines in your store and a little publicity. try to do. When people come to know that every type of medicine is available at your store, then people will come to your own medical shop.


Friends after reading this article on how to open a medical store If you want to open a medical store and you do not understand anything, you can tell by commenting your problem, you can follow medical store rules and regulations somewhere in medical store in India. Can also open thank you.

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