Home Business Guide How to register a Trademark ™? | Trademark Registration Process 2021

How to register a Trademark ™? | Trademark Registration Process 2021

How to register a Trademark ™?  |  Trademark Registration Process 2021

The Trademark Registration Process is quite easy to do which the enterprise should know about it. When it comes to starting any business in front of you, you first think about which business to start. When you decide that I want to start this business, then you think what name of the product we will make, then you choose a good name, after that when you choose the name, then after that, you think that My company logo should be thereafter after that you think about getting another license.

Before making any businessman product, the name and logo of that product is made so that its brand is famous in the market and no other person can sell their product from this brand, but for this, their brand name and logo have to be registered from the official website is. Although to sell your product in the market, it is not necessary that you must have a Trademark Registration. You can sell your product in the market without even a trademark, but there is a problem when someone else gets the trademark registration done in your name.

For example, as you started selling detergent powder, you put a name on it and also got the logo printed, but you did not get the trademark registration done, you thought let’s get it done later. Now it has been a year or two while doing business, yet you did not think In the meantime, the registration of your brand name and logo has been registered under the trademark by the company selling any other detergent powder, then that name and logo is now owned by you, meaning that you worked hard in the market and enjoyed something else. Is killing

If you still do not understand the trademark and you are also wondering what is a trademark? Why is a trademark necessary for a business? So today we will give you the Trademark Registration process. Let us know first what is a trademark?

What is Trade Mark?

When we go to buy a product in the market, we see the name and logo of that product, which company has made this product. The same name or logo is called a trademark. Trade Mark is a brand or logo used by entrepreneurs to differentiate the products they make from their competitors. Simply put, a trademark can be a brand name or logo for any business.

Usually a name, logo, special symbol, sentence, design or picture is trademarked. All types of products the company makes are trademarked, trademark helps in identifying any business, product.

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Why is Trade Mark Registration Important?

Now you must be wondering why it is important to get a trademark registration, then friends, let me tell you that it is only by getting a trademark on your product that people know which company this product belongs to. The customer purchases the item by looking at the trademark and it is known by looking at the trademark that there is no value in the product, so many times, the customer does not buy the product only after seeing the trademark, it is because if the product made by you has the potential If the customer will buy again and again, if the quality of the product is not right, then the customer will reject the trademark after seeing it.

Benefits of getting a Trademark Registration

The enterprise and the customer can benefit from doing online Trademark Registration in the following way-

  • A trademark helps to differentiate a product made by competitors.
  • The trademark also helps the customer to judge the quality of the product.
  • By registering the trademark, the brand of the product of the enterprise is created.
  • The trademark helps in attracting the attention of the customer by having a good product made by the enterprise.
  • As the product of the enterprise becomes brand, the customer starts using the product again and again, which increases the sales in the market.
  • Through trademark registration, there remains equal contact between the customer and the enterprise.
  • If a second industry sells products in the name of your brand by registering a trademark, then the first enterprise can take legal action against the other enterprise.
  • Helps identify the quality of goods and services by trademark.
  • Having a trademark registration helps in getting the product advertised.

Who can apply for Trademark ™ Registration?

Any enterprise or organization that wants to do business can get the trademark registered. While registering the trademark to the enterprise, it is to be kept in mind that no other enterprise has used that logo, symbol, tagline, design etc. Any enterprise, organization, partnership company, sole proprietorship company can apply for the trademark.

What is the difference between ™ and ®?

Trademark Registration Process
Trademark Registration

Friends, you may have seen many products written in ™ and many products have written ®, because it takes about one and a half to two years to complete the formality of the trademark, so when any enterprise or organization apply for the trademark If done, then within one to one and a half to two years, he can use Udyami or Institution ™ sign. When the trademark registration process is complete, the enterprise or organization can use the ® symbol. After the completion of the Trademark Registration Process, the Government of India issues a certificate in the name of the applicant who is valid for 10 years, after 10 years, the enterprise can get it renewed.

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What is a patent?

Friends, the idea may have come in your mind after a few days, but it will come in someone else’s mind, but the idea will be considered by the person who gets it officially registered. This process of getting officially registered is called a patent. When a person first discovers or manufactures a new product, the person inventing or inventing that product or item has a monopoly. If a person copies your idea after getting the idea patented, then it is a legal offense. You can take legal action against the person who did the copy. If the patent holder wants to, he can sell his patent to another enterprise or institution, the maximum limit for patenting a product or item is 20 years.

Documents required for Trade Mark Registration

  • Copy of the name, logo, design, brand that Uddmi wants to be registered
  • Applicant’s full name, address, nationality and Copy of Incorporation Certificate
  • Full description of product or services.
  • If the enterprise has already trademarked and is already in use, the date of use of that trademark.
  • Copy of Power of Attorney signed by the applicant

Trademark Registration Process

Trademark Registration Process
Trademark Registration Process

Trademark registration can be done in two ways, first offline and second online. If the enterprise wants to get the trademark registered offline, the Registrar of Industries can go to the Trademark Office and submit an application for the offline trademark.

First of all, the enterprise needs to do a trademark search whether the name, logo, design, tagline are going to be trademarked, whether any other enterprise has already registered that name, logo, design, tagline etc. You can visit this website to do a trademark search. If the applicant wants to register for an online trademark, then the applicant must first go to the official website ipindiaonline.gov.in, after which you can apply online.

After applying online, the application is checked whether any other enterprise has registered or if anyone has any objection about this application, the trademark registrar also takes some time to check all these things.

If no objections are found then the registrar asks for advertisement in the Trademark Journal.

If no objections are received by any person, enterprise or organization within the next 4 months, then the trademark or logo of the enterprise’s logo or brand name is registered in the next 6 months, after which the enterprise can use the ™ logo on its product. The entire process of trademark registration takes one and a half to two years, after which the enterprise is given a trademark certificate after which the enterprise can use the ® symbol on its product which has a validity of 10 years, after which the enterprise can get it renewed.

Trademark Registration and Renewal Fee

In order to register a new trademark, the applicant has to fill the corresponding form, whose fees are different, which is as follows-

  • There are various types of forms for new trademark registration, TM-1, TM-2, TM-3, TM-8, TM-51 etc. Applicant can according to his nature do trademark registration for which fee has been fixed at Rs 4500. .
  • Form TM-5 is filled for Opposition Raise by the Government of India whose fee has been fixed at Rs 2500.
  • To get the registered trademark renewed, the form TM-12 is filled for which a fee of Rs 5000 has been fixed.
  • Registered trademarks have an expiration date. After that expiry date, if an enterprise gets their trademark renewed, they are required to fill in the form TM-10 with a fixed fee of Rs.3000 which is to be paid as Surcharge.
  • If a trademark is removed by an enterprise, then a fee of Rs 5000 has been fixed to get it registered again.
  • If the enterprise wants to make any improvement in the registered trademark, then it has to fill in the form TM-26 with a fixed fee of Rs. 3000.

Trademark fees can increase on the official website. For more information, please visit the website of ipindia.gov.in once before registering the trademark.


Saying friends means that if you want to take your business to a higher level, then you must get a trademark registration because this is the one that shows your identity in the market. I hope you have understood about Trademark Registration Process. If you want to keep getting such new information, then you must share this post with your friends and tell us by commenting that you want to know more about which business thank you.

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