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How To Start Popcorn Making Business? Profit & Machinery Details

How To Start Popcorn Making Business? Profit & Machinery Details

You must have visited a nearby market in your house, or in a fair or crowded place, you must have found an entrepreneur with Popcorn Making. Yes, you will see that they will have a small machine to make popcorn through which they are doing this task easily. Some entrepreneurs give popcorn to their customers in paper-made packets, others are packing in a transparent foil and selling them for ten rupees per packet.

This is to say that in street markets, in weekly markets, the popcorn that is sold in fairs is made by the entrepreneur through a portable machine that also provides sealing transparent foil. And it has often been seen that entrepreneurs doing this kind of Popcorn Making serve hot popcorn to their customers. But in this article, we are not talking about going from house to house, wandering in street mohallas and making popcorn, rather we are talking about such Popcorn Making Business which entrepreneurs run as a factory, company or firm in various flavors. Launch the Popcorn in the market.

It is meant to say that how can the entrepreneur start the business of making popcorn in an organized manner, today we are going to talk on this subject. So let’s first know what popcorn is?

What is Popcorn?

If we talk about popcorn, it is a variety of corn kernels that spreads when heated and forms a puff. It is usually made from corn grains and popcorn is first dried to use corn grains so that they have greater spreading capacity when heated. These have starchy endosperm with a moisture content of 14 to 20%, which converts to steam when the kernel is heated. The pressure of the steam remains until the dried corn grains are forced to break, and when they break, they can spread 20 to 50 times their original size.

However, oil or other moisture may be used before fluffing them and can also be added after flavor popcorn making.

Why Make Popcorn?

There can be many reasons behind why you should start Popcorn Making Business, but the most important reason is that if the entrepreneur does not want to start this business by establishing his own brand, then he can make the portable popcorn-making machine in just a few thousand rupees. With the help of this, it can start the business. This means that anyone can start a popcorn-making business even with minimal investment and it is no secret today that popcorn is becoming popular as a snack in India as well.

And people are fond of eating it while traveling, watching movies in the cinema hall, sitting in a park etc. with their family. In addition to this, popcorn is also available in glowing packaging with a variety of flavors because there is a steady increase in people who like and consume it. According to reliable data, the global popcorn market will grow at a rate of 7.6% CAGR from the year 2017 to 2023 with its market projected to be US $ 15 billion by the year 2023.

This is the reason that many national and international companies have either entered or want to get into Popcorn Making Business. Popcorn also has some health benefits that are listed as follows.

  • It proves helpful in reducing weight.
  • It is also helpful in controlling blood sugar.
  • It is a full-grain.
  • It contains abundant amounts of vitamins and minerals.
  • It prevents the disease from occurring in the body and also helps in increasing eyesight.

How to start a Popcorn making business?

As we have also mentioned in the above sentence, the business of making popcorn through the portable Popcorn Making Machine is also quite easy depending on the processes and investments. But this requires the entrepreneur to stand in a crowded place to sell his product. So instead of starting this kind of business here, we are talking about setting up a popcorn making unit from where popcorn is made in various flavors and packed with its own brand name and sold in the market.

Therefore, to start this type of business, the entrepreneur also needs to complete all the processes that are needed to start another business. So let’s know how any interested person can set up their own popcorn making unit.

1. Manage land and building

For any type of manufacturing unit there is a need for space and building, yes it is a different matter that depending on the nature, size, production capacity, etc. of the business, more or less space may be required. So it is natural that if the entrepreneur is planning to establish his own brand and sell popcorn, then he will have to set up a Popcorn Making Unit, and for this the entrepreneur will also need space and building.

The entrepreneur also needs space to set up a manufacturing site, packing site, storeroom, power utilities and a small office to set up an industrial unit. Therefore, the entrepreneur may need 850 to 1050 Square Feet of space to start such a business.

2. Manage finance

The entrepreneur may need to create a project report before arranging finance as a project report is a document that contains all the financial information related to the business. The project report also details the estimated cost and projected earnings which will enable the entrepreneur to know the approximate cost of starting his business. And when he gets to know the estimated cost, then only he will be able to plan to manage the finances accordingly. To manage finances, the entrepreneur has sources such as subsidy loans, bank loans and personal savings under government schemes.

3. Get license and registration

The entrepreneur may require the following licenses and registrations to start Popcorn making business.

  • Proprietorship, firm or company registration
  • GST registration
  • Trade License and Factory License
  • Current account with bank
  • Enterprise Portal Registration
  • FSSAI Registration
  • Trademark registration

4. Buy machinery and raw materials

As we have already mentioned that the start of Popcorn Making Business can be started with a small portable machine, but here we talk about the machinery and equipment used in setting up a commercial popcorn making unit. are doing. Whose list is as follows.

  • Popcorn pauper
  • Conveyor
  • Cooling tumbler
  • Spice Seasoning Machine
  • Online dryer with vibro dryer
  • Slurry kettle
  • Caramelizer
  • Jade conveyor
  • Sachet packing machine
  • Other machinery and equipment including air compressors, measuring instruments

As far as raw materials are concerned, the main raw materials used in Popcorn Making Business are maize, oil, salt, various spices, etc., and they are easily available in every local market across India.

5. Start construction

Through the above-mentioned Popcorn Making Machine, the process of making popcorn is very simple which one can easily learn by training for only a few minutes. First the raw material is dried and a little oil is applied over it, then it is put in a popcorn popping machine where the corn grains turn into popcorn. These machines are designed to produce crispy and delicious popcorn, so they will do everything to produce them.

When popcorn is made to suit the required flavor, it is then packed in such a way that moisture is not allowed inside the packet. This is to say that moisture-proof packaging is essential for the packing of popcorn, only then the popcorn will reach the last customer crispy and tasty.

  1. What is the cost of making a popcorn machine?

    Popcorn Making also comes with a portable machine. Which can be easily moved from one place to another. Their price can start from Rs 8000. But such machines are not suitable for industrial use.

  2. Can I also make my own brand?

    Yes of course, popcorn is currently being sold in packaging format. To protect the brand, etc., you may need some registrations such as a trademark etc.

  3. Where can I sell my product?

    Popcorn is a common food item used by individuals from homes, theaters and on the go. Produced products can be sold in provisional stores, snack snacks shops, etc.

  4. Is FSSAI registration mandatory for this business?

    However, many vendors in street neighborhoods are selling popcorn using portable machines, even without a FSSAI license. But this license is mandatory to make Popcorn Making industrially, and to sell them in packaging form.

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