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How To Start Sleeper Making Business in India?

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Slipper making business

Know how to start the business of making slippers – Hello friends today I am going to tell you about the business of making slippers, how you can start this business and earn good profits and make your daily life happy.

Slippers protect the feet in every way, as important as clothes are for us, slippers are just as important. Slippers are used in both village cities. In cities where sandal is used as a fashion, the sandal is used in villages to avoid pebbles and stones.

Slippers are sold in large quantities in India. Most people use slippers indoors. There are many types of slippers, some are such that you can go out of the house by wearing them. There are many types of small-coloured slippers in the market. Companies make huge profits by selling these slippers. If you also want to start the business of making slippers, then you can earn a good amount of money through this business.

How To Start a Slippers Business?

You can start the trade of thongs with very ease and its demand is always kept in the market all year, be it, children, old people of all ages use it, we have some machines to start the business of making thongs. The machine that we will need is

1. Hand Operated Slipper Sole Cutting Machine

This rubber sheet is used to make sandals through this machine, this sheet of rubber is used to cut it into every size with the help of this machine die very easily. Can make a kind of thong

This machine runs on electricity and it requires 3 Faz electricity to run this machine, you can buy this again online from the market from India Mart very easily and you will get this machine for about 1 lakh.

2. Hawai Chappal Grinding Machine

This is done by grinding the slipper soles with the help of this machine. By doing this, the beauty of the sandal increases slightly. This machine can run these 3 fazes with electricity. Market with ease will get it online

3. Screen Printing

With the help of a screen printing machine, you can make a design in the upper part of the sandal, it increases the beauty in the sandal. This machine is available in 2 to 3 thousand.

4. Hawai Chappal Drill Machine

The drill machine is used to make a hole in the sandal of the sandal, then a strap is placed in it. When the sandal is initially harvested, only 3 small holes die in it, the same hole is made by the drill machine. It is enlarged through this so that the strap can easily penetrate this machine, you will find it online in the market 12 to 14 thousand.

5. Strap Machine

This machine is clamped through the sole of the sandal, this machine will get you 4 to 5 thousand.

6. Die Number 3 to 9 of Sandal

With the help of this die, the sole of the sandal is cut, with this die, the size of the sandal is made and this die is of different sizes, it costs from 400 to 600 per die online. This die will get you more cheaply.

Raw Material For Making Thongs

After the entire machine is set up, you will also need the raw material. The most prominent of these raw materials is that only 2 raw materials are used to make thongs.

1) Rubber Sheet – This slipper making rubber sheet is available in the market of different quality, the cost of a thin rubber sheet is little work, it is available in 200 to 250 and this makes slippers of cheap price and other It is a thick sheet, it is of slightly good quality and it costs from 400 to 450. A rubber sheet makes 20 slippers easily.

2) Sandal Strap – Strap means sandal lace. It is applied in all three holes of the sandal. It costs 4 to 5 rupees per strap. The raw material used in this trade is easily available in local markets. If you want it to be ordered online, you can order it

How To Prepare Hawai Chappal Making Process?

Let’s know-how are the slippers ready? First, the rubber sheet is placed in a shoal cutting machine, after this, the number of sols that you need to make is placed on top of the die of the rubber sheet and the die is pressed with the sole cutting machine and the same size of the cutting It becomes very small holes in the slippers during cutting, if the machine is of good quality, then the cuttings are good.

After cutting, the rough part of the sandal is planned with the help of a grinding machine. This is done with great care, a machining plane is placed around the sandal, which increases the beauty in the sandal.
After this, the sandal also needs to be printed. It costs much less. With the help of a screen printing machine, a design is made in the upper part of the slipper, which makes the sandal look more beautiful after the sandal is printed, it is necessary to leave it to dry for some time.

After the sandal is dry, a drilling machine is now required. With the help of this machine, the small holes which are already in place on the upper places of the sandal are further enlarged with the help of drilling machine.

After this, with the help of a strap insert machine, the slippers are put in the slippers. In this way, slippers are ready and can now be packed and supplied in the market.

How To Promote Business?

You can also promote slippers in various hoardings, magazines, newspapers.

How Much Will It Cost?

It may cost at least 1 to 1:50 lakhs to start this business on a small scale. If you want to start this business on a large scale, then it can cost you from 5 to 6 lakhs.

How Much Will You Earn?

The total cost to make slippers comes from 20 to 25 rupees. In the same markets, these slippers are easily sold from 70 to 80 rupees. 100 such slippers can be made on a small scale. At the same level, 250 such slippers can be made. In this way, you can calculate the earnings.

How To Reach The Sandal To Market?

First of all, to take these slippers to the market, some people will have to put in this work so that these people can go to the market and access your made slippers to the wholesaler and retailer. With this, you will have the advantage that your made slippers will be marketed and sales will also be made.

Just once the order of slippers starts from the market, then your business has come out. You have to take special care of the quality of slippers in your business. If your machine is good, then your quality will be very good and the more quantity your sandal will be sold. Pay special attention to where the raw materials are taken and where not.

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