Home Business Guide What is network marketing and how to get started?

What is network marketing and how to get started?

What is network marketing and how to get started?

Today, in this post, we will learn about Network Marketing, what is network marketing? What is network marketing? And how does it work? See, network marketing is an important role in the field of business. With network marketing, people take their business to great heights and they are also successful through network marketing.

Network marketing has a different name. Such as MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), Direct Selling Business, Chain System Business. etc. Network Marketing is a fast-growing business in which the company takes its product to the direct customer. The customer is the distributor of the company who gets an opportunity to earn extra income. Today, millions of people are involved in network marketing and are progressing day by day.

Network marketing started in India in 1995, which is making a boom in the business industry today. Seeing this industry growing rapidly, the Government of India released guidelines on 12 September 2016. According to a report by FICCI and KPMG which is an institution of India, by 2025 Direct selling is about 62500 cr. That is, there will be an industry of 625 billion.

There are many companies that have earned their name in the field of network marketing, but in the meantime, some fraud companies also came who escaped with the money of people who brought the name of network marketing into disrepute. Therefore, before joining the network marketing business, it is very important for you to have all the information. So friends, first of all know that network marketing is what?

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What is Network Marketing?

If you have not yet known what is Network Marketing, then it is very important for you to know it. Any product of the company is directly delivered to the consumer through network marketing, in which the consumer directly connects with the company and buys the product on which the company gives some benefits to the consumer, such as discounts and cashback on the company’s product.

Network marketing is like a chain in which a lot of people are connected. The company’s products are transported to the market by this group of many people. All the people working in network marketing are connected to each other like a chain. Development of all the people who are connected in the group is possible only with the help of each other. In network marketing, a single person cannot do anything, only the whole team can move that company forward and themselves can also be successful.

Generally, any company sells its product in the market in two ways: Traditional Marketing and Network Marketing.

Traditional Marketing- In traditional marketing, any company chooses the distributor, wholesaler, retailer, agent, etc. to reach its product to its customer, as well as the company advertises its product to the customer, so that the company spends a lot of money in advertising. Then the product of that company reaches the customer.

Network Marketing- In Network Marketing, the company delivers its products and services directly to the customer. The customer is the company’s distributor, wholesaler, retailer, everything that promotes the company’s product and services, in which the company distributes a large part of its turnover to its customer, thus making the customer earn money through network marketing.

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Benefits of Network Marketing

If a network marketing person works very well with understanding, then through network marketing, he can take his business to a higher level. There are many benefits of doing network marketing in India like –

  • good use of time – You must have often seen people spend most of their time playing games in their mobiles, watching movies, talking to people unnecessarily, watching tv, commenting on social media, etc. But if the same person gets involved in network marketing then they are given proper training. The way in which the next day should be properly utilized is by which people learn to use the time gradually.
  • Increase in positive thinking – When we come in the field of network marketing and we meet each other, then positive thinking develops in us. The feeling of cooperation among each other is generated due to which the fear, tension and negativity in the people gradually dissipate.
  • Opportunity to earn extra income – People can earn extra income by joining the network marketing field while doing their homework, if you work hard and diligently by joining a good company, then unlimited money can be earned in this field.
  • Increased confidence – In Network Marketing, you not only work for yourself, but you also work for others, which works to motivate other people, due to which the life of other people starts becoming successful and people live with positive thinking. They begin to spend time. By doing this people encourage you, you become respectable among people, which increases your confidence.
  • Development of the art of conversation – This is a field in which you are always interacting with people. You try to present your idea to the people in an effective way that affects the people and by doing so day by day the art of interacting with each other develops.
  • Part-Time If you wish in the field of network marketing, you can easily do this job in part-time and earn an extra income even while working.
  • Passive Income – There are two types of income 1) Active income, 2) Passive income

As long as you work in active income, you get money when you stop working, then your income stops, but in network marketing, there are many people below you who are working. There is a whole team in network marketing, whether you work here or not, your team keeps working indirectly, which leads to your Passive Income.

  • Freedom of time – There is no bond in network marketing, it is a business that gives you the freedom of time if you do not work for a few days, go somewhere or move from work to another place, yet you will have income. She lives.
  • Befriending Good People – In network marketing, there is an opportunity to meet new people every day, so that you keep friendships with new people every day. In network marketing, you start to get into a culture where all the members of the team think of moving forward and keep trying to achieve success.

How to start Network Marketing?

Friends, starting the work of Network Marketing is not a very difficult task. Yes, in the beginning, you may face a little problem. To start Network Marketing, first of all, a website of your company should be built. After this, advertisements should be done on various social media. The more you advertise, the easier your work will become, every activity of the company should be updated on the website every day.

Apart from the advertisement, you should also tell other people about the company through yourself. The more people know about your company, the higher your company’s growth will be because it is a direct selling business that acts like a chain. In which people have to join the company gradually. Once people join your company, it starts off very well.

You must have heard the name of companies like Mi lifestyle marketing global pvt., RCM and Vestige. All these companies have been working sincerely for many years, which makes them successful today.

MLM Business Plan

How to choose a good Network Marketing Company?

In today’s time, the scope of MLM i.e. Multi-Level Marketing i.e. Network Marketing has become very large and many companies came and went in the field of Network Marketing. Many companies have done a lot of fraud with the people, causing huge losses to the people.

Today, there are many MLM companies that are fraudulent, in such a situation, these fraud companies cause loss of both time and money to the people, so it is very important to be cautious before joining any company.

Before joining any multi-level marketing i.e. network marketing company, it is very important to keep the following points in mind-

  • Find out about the company on google as well as go to the company’s website and head office of the company and do the investigation.
  • If you think that the product or services the company is selling is unique, people will buy the products or services prepared by the company, then only you join the company.
  • Find out who is the owner of the company, when the company was founded and how long the company has been working in the field of network marketing.
  • Whether the manufacturing unit of the product or services that the company is selling in the market is with the company or not.
  • The company should have an appropriate government-issued license.
  • What are the privacy policies of the company, how to work in the company and what are the rules of the company, you should know all these things?


Network Marketing is a great opportunity for those who have a strong start to start a business but are unable to start a business due to the lack of a strong financial position, if they are able to work hard in this field, then this will prove to be a golden platform It is possible.

In the field of network marketing, if a good company is chosen and hard work is done, then the working person can get great success.

If a person does the work of network marketing with the right direction and honesty, then he can achieve the highest position because there is no other way to earn money in this field, you can earn as much money as you want.

I hope you have liked this post of our Network Marketing, if you want to ask us something about it, then do tell us by commenting, as well as share this article with your friends. Thank you.

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